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Work the Night Shift? Here’s How to Improve Daytime Sleep

When working the night shift, one key adjustment is creating an effective plan to improve your sleep in the daytime. Normally, your body is programmed to sleep at night and be awake during the day. However, when working the night shift, the daytime is your main opportunity to getting your much needed rest. In addition, while almost everyone else is awake, you’ll likely deal with all sorts of distracting noises and other irritating elements. What can you do to improve your sleep? The good news is that you can achieve restful sleep in the daytime. Below are a few methods and options you can implement to accomplish such.

Minimizing and Eliminating Noise

One method to improve your daytime sleep is finding ways to minimize or eliminate excess noise. If it’s your family causing the ruckus, remind them to keep as quiet as possible while you’re resting. You can try leaving notes posted in different areas of your home as a reminder. Keeping your cell phone on vibrate will prevent it from ringing loudly and unnecessarily disturbing your sleep. Another method to canceling noise is purchasing a “white noise” machine which is used to play certain sounds that help to relax you.

Establishing a ‘Before Bed’ Routine

You can create a routine before going to bed which can be very helpful with encouraging restful daytime sleep. Some options are darkening the bedroom, drinking a relaxing beverage such as chamomile tea, praying, and reminiscing on a memorable moment. It’s also important for you to avoid nicotine and other chemicals that can contribute with either preventing or disturbing sleep.

Setting Your Bedroom Environment

It is very important to prepare your bedroom environment for restful daytime sleep. Loud noises are obviously a distraction, but the environment of your bedroom should not distract from your goal of restful sleep. Generally, it is not recommended to use your TV or other electronic devices right before going to sleep because they create additional light which stimulates certain brain activity that create difficulty with you being able to relax.

Darkening your room and setting your thermostat to a cool temperature will significantly improve your ability to improve restful daytime sleep. An additional option to aid with darkening the bedroom is the use of room-darkening window treatments such as blinds. There are plenty inexpensive and unique options that are available that will best aid you with a good day’s sleep.

Limiting Caffeine and Alcohol

Try to cut down on caffeine and alcohol consumption several hours before you wish to fall asleep. Caffeine will interfere with your sleep time as it lingers in the body for hours. Additionally, though many think alcohol promotes sleep, it can have the opposite effect, causing you to have a disturbed sleep or otherwise awaken too early.

Earplugs can also be used as another method in reducing noise. And if you are still struggling to fall asleep after 20 minutes or so, change the room, or do something relaxing, like listening to music or reading until you are tired enough to sleep.







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