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Why You Should Try Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddling is rising in popularity. The activity was brought to the limelight by the big screen after popular paddlers where filmed enjoying it. The wave of pop culture spread its fame to every corner of the world. Board makers started producing first rate paddling boards, and then people started to realize how they had been missing a great deal of fun. I am a big fan of paddle boarding, and I will try to explain why I love this activity so much.

So why am I so passionate about snowboarding? 

This is a straightforward water activity that doesn’t require you to drape in cumbersome gears like snowboarding would. It offers a variety of intensity as it be a gentle drift in water during meditation or an energetic paddle on waves as form of sport and exercise.

Paddle boarding has health benefits because it counts as a workout. It can help you shed off belly fat and develop some abdomen muscles. Joints and muscles of the shoulder and arms, the legs and the hips also get to stay fit and increase in strength. Paddling can burn more than 40 calories in an hour, and help you build lean muscle with the least risk of injury. It is a unique way of strength training when done on calm waters, but also an energetic cardio workout when racing or chasing the waves.

Stand up paddle gives you a vantage point to observe the beauty of nature real close. You get to see amazing water creatures swimming below clear waters. You may catch some wildlife, seals, dolphins, and other fish. Besides seawater is known to ease skin conditions like dermatitis. The seawater also clears the air passages in your body as you breathe. Paddling enables you to enjoy the sea breeze and the sun, which is good for the skin and manufacture of vitamin D.,

Getting started 

Get a stand up paddle board. Your board choice is dependent on your weight and skill. Find some paddles that are approximately 8 inches taller than yourself. These provide an appropriate elbow angle for maximum efficiency. You also need a safety whistle and wear a pair of shorts and a T-shirt or a wet suit in cold areas. Get a leash that will tether you to the standup paddle aboard. Wear some sunscreen ad carry your board to the waters.

For beginners it is best to start out in flat still waters that have no moving objects. Place your paddle across the deck of the board and sue it as a beam. Hold the paddle by the rails and climb on it in kneeling position just behind the center of the board. Find a balance of the board and stand up one foot at a time. Keep your shoulders and head steady and upright and fix your gaze ahead.

Start paddling. At first keep your strokes short and close to the board. Paddle about four strokes on the left side before switching to the right to enable you to move in a straight line.

This is an awesome social activity that gives you a chance to meet nice people. It is easy to chat with friends as you paddle along. You can carry children on your board and introduce them to aquatic life, and let’s not forget the innumerable health benefits. Give it a try.

Dave Hawthorne is a public health professional living in Scottsdale. He loves to write about healthy living, fitness and nutrition. Cycling and are two of Dave’s favourite pastimes.

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