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Why You Need an Anti-Fungal Diet to Prevent Cancer

Some experts predict that cancer will replace heart disease as the number one killer in America. Unfortunately, there is still so much we don’t know about this disease.

You probably know some of the common causes of cancer like smoking, alcohol, and so on. But the truth is cancer isn’t caused by one or two things. Some of the causes of cancer are being discovered by the day.

Can a fungal infection cause cancer?

Fungal infections can be caused by different things.  Some known causes include antibiotics, stress, alcohol, smoking, heavy metal contamination, high sugar intake, and excessive intake of grains.

As you can see most of these symptoms have to do with what we put in our bodies. Since we’ve established that fungal infections are mostly caused by poor diet choices, now let’s see whether fungal issues like candida can cause cancer.

According to this article eating foods with high glycemic index – sugar, grains, corn, rice, and wheat creates an environment that promotes fungal overgrowth. This results in inflammation and creates a toxic environment in the body. Consequently, the cells change their cellular formation to survive in this toxic environment.

Even though the fungi won’t cause cancer, it will transform the cells from healthy to unhealthy.  And this creates an environment which cancer cells can grow.

Maybe that’s why cancer is growing at such an alarming rate since most people do things that facilitate fungal infections.

To be safe, you need to eat fruits, herbs, and superfoods that have anti-fungal properties. Some foods with strong anti-fungal properties include Garlic, ginger, lemons, seaweed, rutabaga, olive oil and onions. These foods will detoxify the digestive system and heal intestinal walls.

Make sure you avoid all the foods that cause fungal overgrowth. That is foods with high GI, sugary foods, rice, wheat and so on.

Remember that diet plays a vital role in the risk of cancer. Making the right food choices will go a long way in preventing cancer.

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