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Why no one lives forever

There’s lots of talk about anti-aging research today, but with all the promises of longevity and even immortality,

I doubt if anyone considered the consequences of human beings if we lived forever. The more you think about it, the scarier it becomes.

Think of the people who currently hold power in medicine, pharmaceuticals, media and government.
Imagine if they never died. If you really think about it, one of the best things about some people is the fact that they will be pushing up daisies.

Imagine the shape of things if the old-school science “God’s” lived forever?

Imagine clinging to beliefs that are full of holes.

Imagine society as we know it today never moving forward unless the cronies currently in power assume the on-the-back, with legs pointing upward, position?

This, in my opinion, is why a civilization that could give its population the ability to live forever would be doomed to eternal gangrene through stagnation.

For a species to be successful there has to be mortality.

Consider this: Imagine if there were an anti-aging vaccine that cost $100.00 and you could go to the doctor’s office, get the shot and never age another day, even if you live forever.

Without a doubt, a huge segment of the population would jump on this without bothering to consider the ramifications.

There would be a severe population crisis in the world because new people would continue to be born all the time, but no one would be dying of old age.

In a very short period of time it would become apparent, to all of the adults who attained eternal youthfulness, that the fixed resources on the planet could only support a fixed number of people, necessitating  the establishing of a birth control program that would make China’s look provincial.

You can see where this is going.

Limiting new births would stop bringing new blood and new ideas into our civilization.
All the “immortals” would hang around forever consuming all the resources and passing new laws to restrict births even more.

Meanwhile, all their outdated ideas, beliefs and power monopolies would never go away either.
Talk about “The Curse of the Mummy”! Why so, you ask?

Because it is in the rebirth of new ideas and philosophies that give us any hope of improving things in the future, that’s why. If we keep doing things as they’ve always been done, we’re not gonna get different results, our lifestyles and quality of life will not improve, and our chances of survival as a species would not be better.

Yes, people love the romantic idea of living forever, but where would the consideration be to consider the consequences if, indeed, immortality was cheap and readily available for everyone?

The good news is that anti-aging technology is impossible to master and time waits for no one.
So, our best course of action is to pass on what we have learned and then get out of the way so those learning’s can be improved upon and new ideas can emerge, that hopefully, will translate into doing a better job of protecting the resources of our planet than we did.

To die is not only an important natural cycle, it’s also the most important thing that will happen to many people in positions of power today.
Has anybody noticed, regardless of age, how incredibly lame many of our current politicians are? Would you really want them around forever?

Also, if no one died, imagine how hard it would be to find a parking space.

Rest in peace!


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