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Watch Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters (Season 15) Episode 6


“Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters” (Season 15) Episode 6 aired on Oxygen Tuesday night (Apr 19).

Lies and violence impact Melissa and Allison as Jasmyn and Jaimee remain allies against the others. Also, Olivia and Diamond’s fates are sealed when a decision is made, and high jinks abound after a night of partying.

Watch “Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters” (Season 15) Episode 6 Here:

About the show:

BGC returns with a new twist as four sets of feisty sisters move into the mansion on “Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters.” These fierce alpha females are eager to improve their relationships with each other and confront their issues head on.

The girls will not only face tension with family, but will also have to tackle the clashing personalities of their other housemates. Life coach Laura Baron will work with the sisters in hopes to tame their tempers and strive to strengthen their bond with one another.

Original cast members include Angela & Kristina Babicz (from Clifton, NJ), Olivia Adams & Diamond Jimenez (from Allentown, PA & New Jersey, NJ), Annalisa & Jessica Giordano (from Staten Island, NY), and Amber Thorne & Asia Jeudy (from Houston, TX & Brooklyn, NY).

“Bad Girls Club” Season 15 is the eighth edition of BGC to film in Los Angeles, and life coach Laura Baron returns for her fourth season.

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