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Use Soursop Leaves to Kill Cancer Cells

Soursop, also known as graviole, is a heart-shaped fruit that has numerous benefits including; treating infections, fighting cancer, boosting digestive health, and much more.

But most people don’t know that graviole leaves have medicinal benefits. Here’s how these leaves will benefit your health.

Fight pancreatic cancer

These leaves contain phytochemicals that help fight cancer. In this study, researchers wanted to find out the effects of graviole on pancreatic cancer. They found that taking graviole supplements stopped the spread of cancerous pancreatic tumor cells and even killed them.

This means that graviole is more effective than chemo since pancreatic tumors are resistant to conventional chemotherapies. Topical application of these leaves can also help fight skin cancer.

Stop breast cancer

One study found that graviola fruit extract or juice helps reduce the growth of breast cancer in patients. And it doesn’t damage healthy breast cancer tissues.

Other benefits

Reduce pain

Graviola leaves can help reduce pain and swelling. According to research, taking graviola leaf extract can lead to less pain and swelling. Note that this was an animal study, so further research needs to be done on humans.

Treat viral infections

Graviola leaves were traditionally used to treat viral infections. Science has also proven this benefit. This study found that leave extracts suppressed herpes virus. Other studies have proven that graviola leaves can prevent and treat viral infections.

Note that excessive intake of graviola leaves extract can disrupt the normal function of the nervous system. Make sure you see a doctor before using graviola leaf supplement or soursop tea.

You see, you don’t have to buy supplements, you can drink soursop tea. Here’s how to make it.

How to make soursop tea

  1. Cut 15 dry or fresh leaves of graviola and 1 small stem into small pieces.
  2. Put them in one liter of boiling water, don’t cover the water. Let it evaporate until you’re left with 500ml. That should take about 30 minutes.
  3. The tea will be ready. Drink it warm, hot or cool. Drink 1-3 cups every morning.
  4. Feel free to add a teaspoon of lime juice to improve taste.

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