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Understanding a good Health Care System.

Health care system is composed of three major players, that is, the health care providers, the third party payers and the health care consumers. Just like any other market, in the health care system, the patients seek to maximize their satisfaction. This is often determined by the quality of the medical care and the health care providers look for ways to maximize their profits and for the third-party payers, their main aim is to minimize their costs and control their budgets.

Health care systems are mainly classified into three categories especially in the developed countries; that is traditional sickness, National health insurance, and National Health services. The major difference between the above categories of health systems is the distribution of risks among the purchaser, the provider and the insurer of the health care.

Germany and Switzerland are examples of the countries that are aware of the benefits of a good health system have invested in them. Their systems are characterized by the socialized health insurance program, the sickness funds. In Germany, all people are insured with about 88% of the people insured in social health insurance.

One thing that makes the German health systems stand out from the rest of the word’s systems is that they are based on government mandate that both the employer and the employee. For the sickness funds, both the employer and the employees contribute according to a percentage of their earned income. For the sickness funds, it covers the person who has been insured together with the members of his/her family.

Amidst all the benefits that the German people stand to enjoy, this type of approach has one big disadvantage. That is, there is no competition between the sickness funds and there is barely any pressure to provide efficient care. Also, since the health system is almost in a monopoly sate, it can bring about low reimbursement rates especially for the outpatients. The number of people  aging has immensely increased thus posing a big challenge for this kind of health system. The German health system does not also cover private doctors, or private rooms at a hospital.

For Switzerland, unlike other European countries, their health care is not tax based neither is it financed by the employers, instead, it is paid for by the individual through contribution. Although it is administered by individual cantons, the system is universal. This implies that any individual in Switzerland must have a basic health and/or accident insurance. All that is required from an individual is to contribute monthly premiums to the insurer and also contribute towards the cost of medical treatments and consultations.

If you are a visitor in Switzerland and you haven’t been there for more than three months you may be exempted from the compulsory requirement of basic health insurance especially if you have an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), your own health insurance policy, travel insurance or your company’s health plan. However, it is very important to check with the cantonal authorities. Once the three months are over, it is recommended that each member of the society should have an organized cover with a reputable Switzerland insurer even if you have an international health insurance policy. Switzerland does not recognize the international insurers.

The basic issues that are covered by an insurance policy are;

  • Out-patient treatment by recognized medical practitioners.
  • An emergency treatment.
  • Maternity check-ups, tests, ante-natal classes and child birth.
  • Vaccinations, etc.

It is really advisable as a country to undertake measures that will see to it that its citizens are covered in a health care system. We all know that medical services are very costly especially in these hard economic times and having a system that will help you sort out your medical bills as well as ensuring you get quality care can go a big way in ensuring that you have a healthy nation.

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