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Top Tips for the Best Pancakes

Pancakes are arguably the default American breakfast food regardless of status in life. The best pancakes are not the ones that you can order out of diners and restaurants but the ones that you are able to enjoy for breakfast after waking up at the comforts of your own home. The pancakes that your wife, mother or grandmother made are simply the most delicious pancakes that you have ever tried in your entire life. Here are some tips that should come in handy for you in order to achieve the best pancakes that your wife, mom and grandmother used to make for you.

How to have Better Batter


  • Prepare all ingredients at room temperature.
  • Mix dry ingredients together in a bowl.
  • Mix wet ingredients together in a different bowl.
  • In the bowl of dry ingredients, try to make a space in the middle as if forming a volcano then pour the wet ingredients into the space in the middle.
  • Gently stir both wet and dry ingredients until you achieve a moistened ingredient as a result of its combination. However, avoid overtly mixing the ingredients because the gluten in the flour will right away develop as soon as it come contact with any liquid. This means that the more you mix then the tougher the gluten becomes resulting to tougher pancakes and you would not want that.
  • If you see some lumps in your batter then that is completely fine since they will eventually be cooked in the griddle.


Baking the Best Pancake


  • Use a well-seasoned cast-iron skillet or a heavy non-stick griddle or pan for balanced heat distribution.
  • Heat griddle, pan or skillet at medium heat until a drop of water will create a hissing sound on the pan.
  • Put a little oil or clarified butter on the pan just enough to grease its surface. (Keep in mind to use clarified butter because regular butter will burn)


The Baking Process


  • Get a measuring cup in order to portion out the batter. Bake a small pancake to check the heat of your pan. If your pancake ended up burnt on the outside yet raw in the inside then you have to turn down the heat. Adjust the temperature of the stove until you get the desired heat. As soon as you have reached the perfect pan heat, form pools of batter by using the measuring cup.
  • Pour the pool of batter into the pan until it is almost filled but make sure you leave some space on the edges to allow your ladle to flip the pancake later on.
  • A pancake is ready to be turned over as soon as it is dry on the edges and bubbles are visible at the top. You can also peek at the bottom to make sure its color is already golden brown before flipping it over. Keep in mind that the second side cooks faster than the initial side.
  • Once you have flipped the pancake, avoid pressing down on it because you will lose the fluffiness of the pancake in doing so. Just leave it as it is until the heat completely cooks the pancake inside out.

The tips mentioned above is the best step by step procedure that you will find all over the internet when it comes to preparing the batter up to the baking process for creating pancakes. You have to keep the following tips in mind and make the as standard procedures regardless of the ingredients that you will use for your pancakes.

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