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Tips for Busy People to Lose Weight on a Budget

It is hard to find the time to keep off the pounds when you are a parent, or work a full time nine-to-five job all while trying to run a household successfully. And when your budget does not include a gym membership or plastic surgery, losing weight can be super difficult. If you don’t have the time or the money to spend on a weight loss program, these tips will help you shed a few pounds on a budget:


Plan Your Work Lunch

Easy. Just grab something at the fast food restaurant around the corner from your work. But if looking to loose weight, why not plan a week of healthy lunches on a Sunday? Once you know what you need, go out and buy the ingredient and you’ll easily have healthy lunches for the week ahead. Whether it is a turkey sandwich, chopped up veggies with a lite dipping sauce, or some quinoa,  it is all quick to prepare and can probably be packed the night before.


Workout In The Morning

Wake up about an hour earlier every day to go on the run before your kids or spouse wakes up. Or do an at-home yoga routine before starting your day. It won’t only get your body working, but also your mind. It might be tough to get out of bed once your alarm goes off, but come summer you’ll be prancing on the beach looking tip top.


Count Your Calories

It is as easy as writing it down on a piece of paper, or doing it on one of those online calorie trackers. It’s a good way to see how much food and calories you consume and track your weight loss at the same time. You need to combine counting your calories with exercise to get the best results.


Cut Down On Drinking

One of the easiest ways to loose weight is to cut down on consuming alcohol. Instead of having two to three glasses of wine when you’re out having dinner or meeting up with friends, rather stick to the one drink rule. That means you only consume one drink per day. It might be difficult but the results will keep your body looking slim and trim.


Snack On Health Food

Forget the office vending machine filled with chocolate and candy, and rather pack some fresh fruit, health bars and even kale chips into your office draw. Whenever you are tempted to eat something unhealthy just pop open your drawer and snack on something that won’t make you gain weight and is completely good for you.


Schedule Your Workout

Like you schedule most other things in your life, schedule in your workouts too. Drop your kids off at your parents house and spend some time on physical workouts. Whether it is an hour a week, or simply going for a run while the kids are at soccer or cheerleading practice, you deserve to take care of yourself.


Eat Smaller Portions

Instead of grabbing another piece of chicken, rather first finish what is already on your plate. Eating smaller portions will not only reduce the amount of calories your consume, but also shrink your waistline over time. You don’t need to completely change your diet, but rather eat less of what you are already consuming.


Have Group Workout Dates

Rally up your girlfriends, and instead of enjoying a cocktail while catching up, go for an afternoon walk. Having a fitness buddy not only motivates you, but also make working out so much more fun. During the week you can even get a few colleagues together to go on a lunch time run or walk is also a great way to keep in shape and loose those extra pounds.


Stand More

Instead of getting comfortable on the bus or train before or after work, rather stand on. You won’t drop the pounds as quickly, but it is definitely a contributing factor to your weight loss. Whether you decided to have a standing desk in your office, stand while you’re watch a TV show or while taking a phone call, standing is an simple way to keep in shape and loose a little bit of weight.


Sleep Enough

Your body needs rest and having enough sleep helps you to be more productive, get in that additional bit of exercise and make you feel horrible throughout the day. If you’re trying to lose weight by eating less and moving more then you need to have the proper amount of sleep. Do not sell yourself short by not sleeping enough as it will only result in a lack of energy and make you gain more weight through making you eat and drink fatty and sugary foods that often keep you wake.

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