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These 9 Tips Could Improve Your Sleep Tremendously

Good sleep is very important. The need to improve your sleep cannot be overemphasized as all body functions rely on the body’s capability to rest at the right time and getting the right amount of sleep.

According to research, the body needs a minimum of 8 hours sleep a day. The sad truth is with modern times, comes the human mind trying to trick the body to sleep less.

Sleep deprivation has been known to affect the brain and total body function; judging a situation, reflex actions are all being redefined by the body’s inability to get proper sleep.

How then do you improve your sleep quality and length? Here are nine tips that could help improve your sleep experience tremendously.

  1. Get a sleep ritual

This is entirely different from your morning routine. You need to identify things that make you relax, sleep and try to adapt them during your sleep time. You can try taking a warm bath while listening to your favorite music before you sleep. You can also wear a very comfortable pajama, read a book or burn a scented candle; this works perfectly for a lot of people.

  1. Switch off all electronic devices before you sleep

Many times, we expose ourselves to sunlight, bright, vivid screens of the modern TV sets, phones and computers during the day. Our brains have adapted these signals as ‘activity time’. Our brains become overly alert and ready to go to work.

You should have a different routine at night. These lights at night, turn off the brain’s production of the hormone of darkness; melatonin, known to induce sleep.

At night, try as much as possible to switch off all electronic devices, giving the brain the much-needed rest to induce sleep.

  1. Eat right!

As earlier stated, Melatonin helps the brain relax, aiding sleep, especially in the evening. Eating the right foods can improve your melatonin production. Fruits are known to help boost the levels of these hormones. Pineapples, bananas, cherries and oranges have the ability to provide you with this naturally occurring hormone.

It is also imperative to avoid eating big meals spicy foods and acidic foods at night. This can lead to stomach issues and heartburns you don’t need while trying to get some sleep.

Reducing  your fluid intake can help limit your bathroom trips to only once at night.

  1. Exercise at the right time

It has been researched that exercising is the best natural sleep remedy around. It improves sleep quality, length and makes you well rested after your sleep.

It is best to use exercise the right way to ensure you get the right results. Morning exercises won’t have an effect on your night sleep. Choose a few hours before you sleep to exercise. Make sure it is 4 to 5 hours before your sleep schedule timing as exercising right before sleep can also reduce the quality of sleep you get.

  1. Sleep in a dark room to improve your sleep

During summer months, we are woken way before time by sunlight. For most people, summer is when they are most sleep deprived.

The best way to tackle this is to get blinds, thick curtains or sleep masks to block out any light you don’t need before it’s time to wake up. This improve the production of melatonin, making you sleep better.

  1. Cut down on your caffeine consumption

If you are sleep deprived or trying to improve the quality of your sleep, it is best to reduce or eliminate caffeine from your diet.

Did you know caffeine can still be very potent after 8 hours of consumption? Taking coffee before bed should be avoided strictly. Eight hours before you sleep, try not to take coffee or any caffeinated drink, or you are on your way to counting sheep.

  1. Work with a good sleep schedule

Building and working with a good sleep-wake schedule is the way to go. Study your natural sleep-wake cycle. If you feel sleepy by 10 pm, work on a sleep-wake cycle that gets you to sleep at 10 pm and waking up at 7 am every morning.

Once you develop a sleeping pattern, sleep at the same time every day. This programs your internal sleep clock, optimizing the quantity and quality of your sleep.

Most people make the mistake of staying awake during the weekends. The disparity in your sleep schedule can totally mess up your sleep cycle. Ensure you sleep at the right time all week.

  1. Form a habit of meditation

This might sound strange but meditation the right way can improve your sleep tremendously. There are many benefits of meditation.

Doctors all over the world subscribe to meditation when trying to treat insomnia and sleep deprivation. It is known to help induce deep sleep at night; a participant feels rejuvenated and awake.

The secret is the magic sleep hormone melatonin has been proven by research to be boosted by 98% if the habit of meditation is imbibed. Try as much as possible to meditate regularly and kiss sleep deprivation goodbye.

  1. Sleeping in a cold room

While sleeping, the body cools down itself for a better and deeper sleep. To achieve this faster, sleep in a cold room by switching off all forms of heat at night, avoiding waking up in the middle of the night feeling overheated and exhausted.

Consequently, you can also try opening windows at night to improve ventilation. Even during winter, try as much as possible to get fresh air into your home.

Getting a good sleep can be a daunting task when faced with sleep deprivation. Following these tips can get you on the path to having a long, quality sleep that keeps you refreshed and at the top of your game.



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