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The True Essence of Vegetarianism

Please bear in mind that what you are about to read will leave you with mixed reactions. Nonetheless, it is truth born from the Vedic literature from India dating back hundred of thousands of years.

All of us, when we, in our spiritual bodies (the soul), were residing in the spiritual world, which, by the way, begins where the material dimension ends.

In the spiritual world the Supreme Enjoyer carries out His pastimes.

We, who are reading this, were there. Because of the desire to enjoy as God does, He gives us a material body and enables us to descend to the material world to fulfill that desire.

For those of you curious as to the size of the true, spiritual entity that you are, you are 10,000 times smaller than the tip of your hair. And yet, you drove vehicles as small as a microbe and as large as dinosaurs.

So, we come here and despite the frustrations, hardships, miseries, and traumas that we face, we trick ourselves into thinking we are masters of our universe and enjoying.

For you that believe that you are indeed the “Supreme Enjoyer”, I wish you the best. For you that want to get the hell out of Dodge, there is a way.

Being encased within a temporary material body “enjoying” repeated birth, disease, old age and death lifetime after lifetime, as I said, there is a way out.

The millennium we are living in is made up of four ages: the golden (satya) age (yuga), the silver age (treta yuga), the bronze age (dvapara yuga ) and the iron age (kali yuga).

There are some interesting facts about these four ages that you should know.

In satya yuga, the lifespan was 100,000 years, human virtues – peacefulness, self-control, austerity, purity, tolerance, wisdom, knowledge, compassion, forgiveness, patience and religiousness – were at 100%; the method to reconnect with god was meditation, where sitting in meditation, given the lifespan, could easily be 100 years, and the length of satya yuga was 1,728,000 years.

In treta yuga, the life span was 10,000 years, human virtues were at 75%; the method of reconnecting with God was making offerings to Him and the length of treta yuga was 1,296,000.

In dvapara yuga, the lifespan was 1,000 years, human virtues were 50%,and the method of reconnecting with God was deity worship with the length of dvapara yuga being 864,000 years.

In kali yuga,where we are now, the lifespan is 100 years, human virtues are at 25%,and the method of reconnecting with God is to sing His names. The length of kali yuga is 432,000 years.

So, the total length of the current millennium is 4,320,000 years. And yet we come back over and over and over again.

As you may have guessed we are 5,000 years into kali yuga and as this age progresses, what is troublesome to us now, will get worse.

You can already see people dying in their 50s and 60s. At the end of the age an old person will be 20 years old, people into spiritual life will have to hide as they will be the only ones with any semblance of human virtues and all others will feel threatened by them and want to get rid of them.

As a side note, in the Bible, I believe it was Jacob that lived to be 600 years old as he was on the cusp of treta and kali yuga.

In this age it’s gonna get worse. There will be overt population reduction; food supplies will be controlled by large, dominating corporations; demise pills will be introduced; pulling the plug on hospitalized seniors will be standard operating procedure; affordable medical care for seniors will be non-existent; new untreatable diseases will flourish; families will diminish in importance; cancer cures will be suppressed; the purpose of sex will be diverted from creating families to strictly pure enjoyment only; homosexuality will be strongly encouraged; and Big Brother (government) will have access to your every move.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg and it’s all happening right now.

So, the question is, do you want to stick around or do you want to get out of Dodge as soon as possible?

Remember, in this age, reconnecting with God is accomplished simply by singing His names.

Different people throughout the world relate to God by His different names, which all relate to different aspects of His personality.

The Jews call Him Eloi, The Supreme Friend, or Abba, The Supreme Father.
The Jehovah Witnesses call Him Jehovah, The All-Mighty One.
The Muslims call Him Allah, The All-Compassionate One (too bad they are clueless about compassion). The Hindus call Him Krishna, The All-Attractive Person, Govinda, The One Who Gives Ultimate Pleasure, Gopala, The Protector of the Cows, Ajita, The Unconquerable One, and many, many more.

I’m sure if you do your own research you can come up with thousands of His names that you might be able to relate to. But the point is that in this age of kali, which means the age of chaos, quarrel and confusion, the way to get back to where we came from is to constantly say His names be it in song, quiet speech, or constantly in your mind.

Remember, He is in your heart and He is ever most that close for you to relate with Him.
And at the time of death, if you have the good fortune to say or think about Him, He will take you back.

Because what’s coming down to road is a real nightmare, once you get out of dodge it would great not to have to come back.

One last thing. We all know how weird the Hare Krishna’s are. They hawk flowers and books on the streets, they look like something out of the ever-distant past, and they are obnoxious as hell, but what they chant has incredible merit.

In researching the “Hare Krishna” mantra, I found it’s meaning.
Hare relates to the energy of the Lord.
Krishna is God, The All-Attractive Person.
Rama means One that gives pleasure to those that serve and worship Him.

So, all together, the mantra:
Hare Krisna, Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare means, Oh Lord, oh energy of the Lord, please engage me in Your loving service. And just for the record, I am not a “Hare Krishna”.

This is another reason why all life is so very important. Unless one is an aggressor, we cannot participate in the indiscriminate taking of life.

Another way to reconnect is to offer what you eat to Him. But there’s a catch. He will not accept
anything that had a face or a mother, eggs (the chicken’s period) or alcohol because it dulls the senses.

If God orchestrated the transmigration of the living entity back to the human form from the lower forms, so he or she could have the opportunity to go back home, how could He accept an offering that basically restricts the living entity from attaining a human form?

So, by offering plant based foods and milk products you are probably wondering how do you avoid the karma associated with the killing of the plants?

Easy! Because you offer it to Him, He removes the karma. The more you do this, the more you’ll only want to eat what He will accept.

The human form is the springboard to the spiritual world. But what about the lower forms? What about the cows, fish, chickens, ducks, pigs or whatever you eat? How do they ever get the chance to get to the human form when they are slaughtered simply to give some insane pleasure to your tongue.

What happens with the lower forms that are slaughtered is that they must take rebirth in that same body until they can leave it naturally.

Having their throats slit or being beaten to death is not natural. And you that partake have to bear in that karma and suffer the imminent reaction – taking birth in a lower form until you eventually make it back to the human form when the same crap happens all over again, unless you do something about it.

Was I right about the mixed reactions? Hell yeah! Nonetheless, it’s all reality and the true essence of vegetarianism.

(Hari means the One that takes away your misery. Bol means to praise or chant His name)

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