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The Long Lost ‘Lincoln Letter’ – Harriet Tubman on the “A” Word

Long Lost “Lincoln Letter”

Danvers, MassachusettsAmong the papers of agronomist and free-thinker, T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. (1812–1901), was recently found a letter written in 1862 – addressed to President Abraham Lincoln – from slave-turned-activist, Harriet Tubman.  Historians are buzzing at the news because this letter, authenticated by the New England Victorian Society, is rumored to be the long, lost “Lincoln Letter.”

Tubman Not Anti-Slavery!

Tubman’s heartfelt letter reveals her shocking views on slavery – Tubman was not anti-slavery!  And while history books teach us that Harriet Tubman was a fierce opponent of slavery, who supposedly worked tirelessly for abolition, it turns out that historical truths can sometimes be stranger than fiction.

The Lincoln Letter—Transcript

From Auburn, New York, on August 14, 1862, with the Civil War raging, Harriet Tubman writes to the White House:

“Dear Mr. Lincoln:  I am not an abolitionist.  I have no wish to abolish slavery.  I am not anti-slavery, I am merely a slavery skeptic, which means I have doubts about slavery.  Yes, I acknowledge that slavery made this country great, but I also have doubts about the safety and efficiency of the plantation system.”

“I now call upon the Lincoln Administration to push Congress for safer ways to force people to work against their will.  Again, I do not oppose forcing people to work against their will, but I wish to see safer plantations and safer slave laws.  Notably, I refrain from using the term “abolitionist” because it alienates people.  Abolition is just too strong a message for most, and it tends to offend Northern Liberals, which makes it difficult to persuade others to join the movement.”  

“When it comes to slavery, I believe in freedom of choice and the right to choose whether slavery is right for one’s family.  I fight to ensure that all citizens learn the risks associated with slavery, and I am passionate about raising slavery awareness.  But I do not advocate the abolition of slavery because we, as Americans, have the right to choose whether slavery is right for our families.  It’s our families, our choice.  Through education, we can put families first, and together, we can make a difference!”

Harriet Tubman

More Fake News?

C’mon, folks, this is satire!  But the vaccine analogy is clear – just re-read the Lincoln Letter removing the word slavery and replacing it with vaccine.  If you advocate for safer vaccines, (or vaccine choice), it’s just as foolish and nonsensical as advocating for safer slavery, (or slavery choice).  Neither vaccines nor slavery should ever be available as an option for anybody to choose.  Having no place in civilized society, both vaccines and slavery are morally untenable.

PUNCHLINE:  Beware of online activists who call for “safer” vaccines – because there is no such thing – and beware of online activists who call for vaccine “choice” – because no parent, properly informed of the risk, would ever choose to vaccinate their own children.

Not Anti-Vaccine = Pro-Vaccine

Yes, of course, Harriet Tubman never spoke the words, “I am not anti-slavery.”  Trust me, she was definitely anti-slavery!  And, further, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. never said, “I am not anti-segregation.”  He was totally anti-segregation!  And when online activists say, “I am not anti-vax,” it is highly suspect!  To be “not anti-vax” is the same as being “pro-vax.”

Vaccine Skeptics

RFK, Jr. calls himself a vaccine skeptic, which means “vaccine doubter,” but this is curious because he did, in fact, vaccinate his own kids.  However, he apparently cannot get past the vaccine doubting stage.  If I could sermonize him for five minutes, RFK, Jr. would go from wishy-washy doubter—to full-fledged abolitionist!  And then, instead of calling for more research to quench his doubts about vaccine safety, RFK, Jr. would join our ranks and loudly call for abolition!

Vaccine Abolitionists—Unite!

In honor of Harriet Tubman – let’s all use the term “abolitionist!”  Never be shy about calling yourself a vaccine “abolitionist.”  No legit activist will be offended by the “A” word.  However, you might offend a “health choice advocate,” but that’s only because these are pro-vaccine lobbyists – purposely advocating a lukewarm message – to create a feeble opposition – to make it easy for the industry to control that opposition (and lead it down the rabbit hole…).

Masters ‘n Slaves

As a young girl, Harriet Tubman sustained traumatic head injuries when an irate slave owner threw a heavy metal object – intending to hit another slave – but hit her instead.  As a result, she suffered lifelong dizziness and pain.  But did Harriet Tubman file a personal injury lawsuit against her slave master?—No, because slaves are forbidden to sue masters!  And this same legal reasoning drives the 1986 National Vaccine Injury Act – which likewise forbids slaves from suing masters.  In other words, American slaves cannot sue their vaccine masters.


Measles vaccination may soon be required for all slaves in order to get a driver’s license – unless we all resist now!  Tell everybody – fight medical slavery!  Just say NO to all vaccines!  If enough people stop vaccinating, then we can crash their system financially!  Resist now!—pretend your life depends on it!  #resistnow

T. Matthew Phillips
Feb. 17, 2017
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[Attorney T. Matthew Phillips and are now suing to stop mandatory vaccination in California.  Any mention of this lawsuit is forbidden in the lame-stream media – because their ad revenue comes from drug companies – who forbid news outlets from mentioning this lawsuit!  Just say “No!” to censorship – tell others about this lawsuit!]


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