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Take control, eat right, stay healthy

There are some interesting parallels between what we ingest and the consistent transformation of the flu virus.

With the latest dietary guidelines calling for three servings of low fat or non fat dairy a day, the average family with two kids now consumes more than 85 gallons of milk a year.

What the government does not tell you, nor enforces the removal of, is that most milk is filled with carcinogens and antibodies.

Cows ingest dioxins, an industrial by-product and a known carcinogen, when they eat contaminated grass. Milk that is conventionally produced often comes from cows that are raised under disturbing farm conditions in that they may graze on pastures that have been treated with pesticides, herbicide and sewage sludge.

When the cattle are not let outside, they feed on dried grass and hay, which may be genetically modified, and fish meal, which may contain PCB’s and mercury. Cows in conventional farms are often given antibiotics, even when they are healthy, to prevent them from getting sick.

In some factory farms, thousands of cows are crammed inside barns to allow easy access for milking. Their milk production can be forced beyond normal capacity through Monsanto’s synthetic growth hormone called rbST.

Studies show that these cows are more susceptible to diseases because their natural life cycle is being distorted.

So, when you eat something that comes from a plant or animal that has been tampered with by the “superior” intelligence of humans, that item you consumed becomes a part of you on a molecular level. If cows ingest hormones, antibodies and carcinogens, and you eat or drink anything from that cow, you are ingesting those same antibodies and carcinogens.

Time after time we self-medicate ourselves and in many instances, over-medicate.

Rather than let your immune system do its job, you do it for it and pop a pill. There are times when external medication is possibly needed, like if you experience an allergic reaction to something that puts your system into overdrive and you need a histamine blocker to keep your immune system from causing you harm.

The flu virus is not one of those incidents.

Each year millions of people line up like good little lemmings to take their flu shots. The shot you take is actually a strand or strands of either dead or weakened flu viruses.

With this in mind, your immune system sends out antibodies in response, and the belief is that that will keep you safe from the flu until next year.

But, we’ve been filling our bodies with antibiotics through our food. And, although the milk supply is tested before it reaches consumers to make sure it doesn’t contain antibiotics, the overuse of these medications might contribute to the rise of drug-resistant bacteria, making some disease more difficult to treat.
This is one of the main reasons that the flu virus mutates year after year.

It certainly appears that the flu virus is more intelligent than humans. We keep trying to vaccinate and ward off all these viruses and bacteria, but this forces them to mutate over and over.

Look at it mathematically: if you have a virus you treat it with antibiotics to kill it, which is similar to a vaccine, except that the antibiotic does the actual work of your immune system.

In the process, some of the virus may not be eradicated and those antibodies have now forced the virus to mutate.

Next time around you might have some of the original virus and the mutated form to try and kill. So what do we do?

We create another medication or vaccine against the two, and in turn, the second mutates again and maybe even the original strand creates yet another new strand giving you three or more. What a lose, lose situation!

What then can you do to stay healthy during flu season?

For one thing, never ever touch your hands to your face, especially your mouth.

Think about what you could transmit from what you touch: handles, doorknobs, faucets, and yes, money, which is probably the dirtiest of the dirty.

Next, you might want to consider eating to build your immune system.

A vegan diet centered around organically produced vegetables, fruits and grains will give you optimum nutrition.

What about fish, you ask? What about the mercury, PCBs, fluoride, and toxic wastes, I ask?

Wage a war against your tongue and allow your intelligence to prevail. And above all, if man made it, don’t eat it.

Nutritional supplements are beneficial as well. If I had to choose one, it would be organic sulfur crystals.

Why? Because viruses cannot live in an oxygenated environment, which is what the sulfur crystals release to permeate the cells and restore them to their natural healthy condition.

Be aware of changes in the weather and dress accordingly to keep your body heat secure.

Drink plenty of water and fresh juices, power the antioxidants, never stop exercising and get good rest and sleep.

Also, as a parting word, Dr. Russell Blaylock, a prominent neurologist, has said that when a senior takes a flu shot for five straight years, Alzheimer’s is right around the corner.


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