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Stop Counting Calories And Lose Weight

So, you’ve been counting calories for years, but can’t seem to lose weight permanently? Ever since everyone started counting calories, and mostly the unhealthy calories, obesity has continued to sky rocket into an epidemic! Today, 1 out of 3 people are overweight, and pretty much all think counting calories and hard exercise is the way back to a lean body. But if the rapid increase of obesity isn’t enough indication for you that counting calories and hard exercise isn’t working to prevent obesity, then you could easily miss the cause of obesity, even when it’s right in front of you.

I am here to tell you the truth about counting calories, counting fat and counting anything else, so you can finally start losing weight, and only unhealthy weight!

What’s A Healthy Calorie?

A healthy calorie can only come from a healthy food. When you eat raw, 100% pesticide-free and 100% GMO-free food for example, every calorie you eat or drink from that food is 100% assimilated and distributed throughout your whole body, providing you the energy your body requires every day to thrive. You could eat or drink 10,000 calories of these healthy calories every single day and never gain a single ounce of unhealthy fat, because these healthy calories are immediately assimilated and used by your body to create energy. Your body doesn’t need that many calories, healthy or not, and so will store those extra calories as fat you say? Nope. This doesn’t happen. If you drank 1 gallon of organic carrot juice, but let’s say your body only need 1/2 gallon of organic carrot juice, is it going to take the ‘extra calories’ from the other 1/2 gallon of carrot juice and store it as unhealthy fat? Of course not. Ever seen anyone obese juice only organic vegetables every single day for months or years, and is still obese? I never have!

What’s An Unhealthy Calorie?

An unhealthy calorie comes from unhealthy food. When you eat or drink cooked or raw pesticides or GMOs for any meal or snack daily, then every calorie from these unhealthy foods is an unhealthy calorie. So, let me ask you..would it matter how many of these unhealthy calories you count? Would it matter how much unhealthy fat you count? That’s like someone coming to me with some unhealthy 5 calorie chips or even a 1 calorie cookie and telling me I don’t have to worry about obesity. Do you know what you call unhealthy food or unhealthy drinks that have also had the calories removed? Dead food.

Dead food is on every supermarket and health food store shelf all across the country. I call anything that has even 1 ingredient that is not pesticide-free or not GMO-free as a dead food, or at least a contaminated food, which is the same to me. Is it the same to you or do you believe it’s possible to derive at least a little good nutrition and good calories from contaminated food or drinks? If you do believe this, then this is another reason why you probably can’t lose weight, not unhealthy weight anyway. The food and drinks you consume every day, directly impacts your health and therefore how your body looks.

What’s The Reality?

Most people reading this will not change what they eat, will not change what they drink and will not stop popping dangerous diet pills, because that’s what they have been told their whole life to do and that is what everyone around them does, too. I mean, if everyone is doing it, it can’t be wrong, right? This herd-like thinking is why millions here are so sick and so obese, because they follow everyone else. They eat the same, they drink the same, they exercise the same, they do the same weight-loss surgery and of course, they count the same calories.

But you can be different! You can be the example for your family, friends, coworkers and anyone else you meet in your life. They will see you before and then will see you after and ask you what you did to lose weight. And your response won’t be the usual, “I counted calories and exercised hard”, rather “I stopped counting calories and started counting toxic chemicals instead and didn’t exercise hard at all.” Never again will you need to count any calories or any fat, when the food and drink is truly raw, 100% pesticide-free and 100% GMO-free, then you can eat it and drink it as often and as much as you want!



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