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Some Terrible Skincare Myths You Should Know

Skincare has had a history of myths. Mankind has lived with this since a long time. Our modern life hasn’t remained untouched too. You may have heard them from your grandmother, mother, sister or friend. Some may hold truth, but not all do. You should verify them yourself before believing in them. Better off, ask a specialist.

Here are a few myths and the truths that you need to know.
Myth: Your skin is dirty, now you will get blackheads
Truth: Dirt is the culprit. It takes birth somewhere in the core of your internal system – the hormones to be clear. These lead to an upsurge in the oil being produced by the sebaceous aka oil glands of the skin. When dead skin cells (the ones you didn’t remove) clinging to your skin like rubber and glue block the passage of the oil, the result is a blackhead. The oxidation of the two leads to the color black and hence the name blackhead.

The right way: Since the problem lies deep within, exfoliation is a temporary cure but an effective one. Talk to your dermatologist.

Myth: Age spots imply you are growing old
Truth: They can be seen at any age. The name is slightly misleading, hence you tend to relate it to aging. They look like brown spots (and should be called so) arise due to environmental exposure for years. This exposure leads to the formation of enzymes, these enzymes cause imperfections.

The right way: For lightening these spots, vitamin C is extremely useful for making your skin blemish-free.

Myth: Higher SPF provides better protection
Truth: SPF is the protection against UVB rays. What about UVA and UVC rays? Don’t you think they cause aging effects on the skin. Of course, they do. Additionally, they are known for causing skin cancer. Therefore, a sunscreen with high SPF doesn’t guarantee sun protection.

The right way: You need to have a broad spectrum sunscreen in order to get protection from all types of harmful sun rays. A broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 15 is better than SPF 20.

Myth: For a clear skin, pop that pimple
Truth: It might relieve you of the awful look, but certainly won’t of the longer lasting effects. By removing the superficial pus you won’t remove a whole pimple. A little bit or more must be present deep inside which then causes scarring or inflammation. And you might even see it coming out near the older one in a few days.

The right way: Comedone extractor is a tool that helps in removing those pesky pimples. When you exert pressure and roll them over, the pus will come out completely.

Myth: Soaps remove acne
Truth: Human skin is bestowed with multiple layers and oil glands to protect itself. Soaps are extremely harsh for the skin. Soaps being what they are in nature turn out to be the evils our skin doesn’t need at all. Using it on your face or even the body will drain away the natural barriers of the skin, making it red, inflamed and super irritated.

The right way: Use a mild cleanser followed by a moisturizer. It will remove the environment settlers and avoid any natural barrier rip off.

Myth: Makeup causes acne
Truth: Do you really think so, then you are wrong. No research or study backs this bizarre assumption. There are other reasons for getting acne in case you are. This could be due to improper removal of acne. After a day of skin being covered with makeup, your skin deserves to breathe. You must also pay attention to the kind of products you are using, your skin may be allergic to some ingredient in your makeup product.

The right way: Change the product you are using immediately. Clean your skin properly before sleeping. See a dermatologist as soon as possible to unearth any hidden problem.

Myth: Sensitive skin, use hypoallergenic products
Truth: Well, it might or might not help your condition. This is so because there is no regulation to determine the sanctity of a hypoallergenic product.

The right way: Buy a gentle product which is also fragrance-free and soothes your skin.

Myth: There is no problem with using tanning booths as long as they are devoid of UVB rays
Truth: UVB rays are not the only harmful rays that can affect your skin. UVA rays are equally harmful. So though there is no exposure to direct UVB rays, UVA rays are getting deep within your skin and causing aging effects. Their overexposure can lead to skin cancer as well.

The right way: Do not use tanning booths. Avoid them at all costs.

Are you aware of any more myths left to be busted, let us know through your comments below.

Author Bio: Evie Dawson shares diverse perspectives on the health and skincare industry in US. Born in a family of dermatologists, her life revolves around things that are healthy and natural to keep the sanctity of our skin alive. She uses her passion for writing to share her observation and experience with products like Lifecell skin cream for women to make lives of her readers better.


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