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Seven Spine and Back Pain Myths Busted

Back and neck pain along with lower back pain can occur due to numerous reasons. Sometimes it is just a minor reason like an injury or a sore, whereas, there are serious factors like spinal diseases and osteoporosis, which can even lead you Beverly Hills spine surgeon for surgical options.

Myth 1: Sit Straight – Do not Slouch

You should definitely not slouch because it is bad for your spine. However, the general idea that sitting up straight is the best way to sit is a myth. If you sit in the same position for a very long time, it puts strain on your back. You must take short breaks during your work to relax. In fact, if possible, step away from your desk and take a short stroll.

Another thing that you can do is that you can put your feet firmly on the ground and tilt in the backward position in your chair. If you let your back curve a little bit, it will ease the stress of your back.

Myth 2: Avoid Lifting Heavy Things

Usually, people will tell you that you should not lift heavy things as it is a big factor behind the pain in the bank. Well, if you ask any eminent spine surgeon in Beverly Hills, you will come to know that it is a complete myth. Unless you are suffering from a problem which stops you from lifting any kind of weight, then it should not be a cause of concern. You do not suffer from back pain because the object is heavy; rather, you suffer because the way you pick it up is wrong. The correct way of lifting heavy objects is to stand very close to them and instead of bending and straining your arms to lift it; you should squat and pick it up. In case, the object is extremely heavy, you can ask someone to assist you.

Myth 3: Bed Rest is Best

If you are suffering from the back pain due to an injury or your back has suffered strain, then it is advisable to take bed rest so that it can heal. However, longer periods in the bed can actually be harmful for the spine, instead of being beneficial.

Myth 4: Only Injury can Cause Pain in the Back

It is a myth that only an injury can cause back pain. There are numerous other diseases, some infections and disc degeneration can also be a factor in the occurrence of back pain. Back pain may also be caused by genetic conditions.

Myth 5: Slim People Have No Risk of Back Pain

It is very commonly observed that people associate back pains and related problems with over-weight people. The usual belief is that slim people are fit; thus, they have not risk of back pain. Anyone can suffer from a back pain. In fact, anorexic people are or those who eat too less may even suffer from bone loss. They are at a great risk of breaking their bones or crushed vertebrae.

Myth 6: Avoid Exercise When Back Pain Occurs

Hurt your back. Do NOT exercise. This is the biggest myth of all. Exercising is always healthy for you. You just need to be aware of which exercises to include. Here you can consult a well known Beverly Hills spine surgeon for guidance. Of course, you cannot go for strenuous aerobics, but some light exercise will benefit your back instead of harming it.

Myth: Always Use a Firm Mattress

You must have heard many times that we should sleep on a firm mattress to prevent back pain. Well, it is definitely a myth. It is recommended to opt for a mattress which medium-firm. However, the choice differs from person to person. Some people may find the firm mattress too hard to sleep on and, in fact, develop a pain. It is important for you to choose a mattress and pillow that suits your sleeping habits and the reason why you are suffering from the back pain.


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