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Seven Day Detox Plan To Kick-start Your Metabolism.

Processed foods and foods that are high in fat, industrial sugar, salt and cholesterol often make us feel bloated and fatigued. Most people think that it is normal to feel like this, because the standard American diet is mainly composed of those foods. But it isn’t. These foods put a lot of pressure on our organs, creating constant inflammation and toxin overload.


What if we told you that you could change your life in just 7 days? Would you be sceptical if we showed you a way to boost your metabolism, get rid of your cravings and lose weight?

Here is a 7 day detox plan to kick-start your metabolism and feel great.


  1. Do a kitchen purge


Make your detox easier by getting rid of all the junk sitting in your pantry and fridge. You certainly don’t want to be staring at those bags of chips while you’re on a diet. Throw out everything that is not real food. That means anything that comes with a label, in a can or in a box. Cookies, cakes, chocolate, chips, dairy, artificial sweeteners, dressings or anything made in a factory is something you don’t  want to eat. All those processed foods promote weight gain so you want them out of your sight. But please, don’t go on a binge fest just before your detox because I said to get rid of them! I meant to give them away or put them a side. You should also get rid of all the booze in the house.


  1. Take mesures


Don’t forget to note two important measurements the day before you start your detox diet plan to record your weight loss journey. Write down in a journal how much you weigh and measure your waist size. Weigh yourself first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom. Get on the scale with no clothes and no food in your belly. Take a picture from the front, the back, the side, and a close up of your face.



  1. Go whole

For 7 amazing days you will flood your body with nutrient-rich food. Choose whole plant foods, organic if possible. This will boost your metabolism, nourish every cell of your body and activate the cleansing process. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, beans, chickpeas, lentils, whole grains, nuts and seeds. Avoid refined sugars and white flours. Once you stop eating those empty calories, your body will stop craving them. Refined carbs just leave you feeling hungry, and push you to eat more. Download Dr. Michael Greger’s free APP “The Daily Dozen” to keep track of your detox meal plan and make sure you get proper nutrition.



  1. Make simple changes in your lifestyle


-Start your day with a litre of water with the juice of one lemon

-Drink plenty of water and herbal tea throughout the day

-Practice morning yoga, meditate or do deep breathing exercises

-Write down your goals in your journal

-Get at least 45 minutes of high intensity exercise daily

-Take a natural multivitamin, 2000 IU of vitamin D2 or vegan D3, and 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed

-Take baths

-Get 8 hours of sleep


Upgrade your 7 day detox to an ultimate detox and colon cleanse program. Try fasting for 7 days with the help of juices, natural supplements and intestinal cleaners. Consume bentonite clay and psyllium husk daily during your fast and feel the benefits right away. This can heal digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, gas, inflammation, diarrhea and pain. A complete body cleanse program also repairs tissues, gives you a clearer skin and purifies your blood. It helps to control a candida overgrowth and kill parasites like intestinal worms. Last but not least, fasting and colon cleansing permits rapid weight loss. When there is no food, the body goes into a scavenger mode and starts eating fat cells for energy. Even if weight loss should not be the main reason for someone to fast, it is still a great benefit that comes from it.

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