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Rowing Machine: A Secret Workout Weapon to Help You Get in Shape And Keep Fit

For anyone who has ever gone to a gym, one of the most frustrating parts is waiting around for the more popular pieces of equipment, such as the treadmill or elliptical machines. What they do not realize is that though those machines offer excellent workouts, there is an equally, if not better, one sitting unused and forgotten. This fabulous piece of equipment is the rowing machine, and for those who know better, the benefits of this machine far outweigh those of many of its competitors.

Losing Weight

Not only can a 30 minute workout on a rower break up the monotony of a regular workout, but it can burn calories like crazy. A woman weighing 130 lbs can burn 230 calories in this short amount of time, and a person carrying 185 lbs can burn 377 calories. These numbers match what could be done on a stationary bike or elliptical machine.

Low Impact

High impact workouts can leave a person sore and uncomfortable, and for those who have had injuries that affect knees or other joints, such workouts may not even be recommended. The rowing machine is low impact, and offers the same calorie-burning benefits without the pain and risk of injury. Instead, it gives a great workout, and leaves a person feeling better than ever when they are done.

Works Every Muscle

Each stroke of a rower works every muscle in the body, from the legs, hips, and buttocks, to the abs and back, all the way up to the shoulders and arms. In total, there are nine muscle groups that will be working when using the machine properly. Keep it on the lower settings for weight loss and toning, and then increase the resistance when a bit of muscle has been built up to reach any fitness goals.

Great Cardio

On the lower resistance levels, a person can get their speed up and reach an aerobic state, which can help to improve heart, lung, and circulatory functions. Of course, it takes a great deal of energy to keep up this pace for 30 minutes, which is why it is important to include carbs in any chosen diet plan, because they will provide the energy needed for such a vigorous workout.

Lowered Stress Levels

For those who find it uncomfortable to work out in public, there are many rowers available for home use. This can help a person to stay motivated, because the machine is available at their convenience, and they can use it while they watch television or listen to music, without any feelings of anxiety or self-consciousness. Exercising can also help to stimulate the pleasure centers in the brain, because of the endorphins that are released in the body during a cardiovascular workout. This helps to lower a person’s stress levels, as well as helping to combat depression.

No Lines

As stated above, unlike the treadmill and elliptical machines, there are never lines for a rowing machine. This means a person can use the rower as soon as they arrive. The faster the workout begins, the faster it is completed, which leaves more time for family, friends, and anything else going on in a person’s life.


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