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Requirements for optimal health

Although the body is composed of many different types of structural units, each cell requires the same three factors to maintain life. They are:

The essence of this is that these factors are also essential for the health of the total body, which is dependent upon the health of its individual cells. So, let’s look at these three essentials one at a time.

The body is composed of a number of chemical elements which combine to form the basic units of protein, carbohydrates, and fats; as well as essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Proteins are built up from building blocks called amino acids. Eight of these are considered essential amino acids since they cannot be synthesized within the body and therefore must be taken in with the normal diet.

Carbohydrates are essential units which must be supplied by the diet. Although complex by by nature, the basic unit is glucose, which forms the major energy source for the body. Carbohydrates may be synthesized from proteins or fats within the body. In the case of proteins, this is an energy expanding pathway that yields less energy than required for the conversion and only functions when the body’s dietary supply of carbohydrate is absent.

Fats are used partly as structural and functional material and partly as a storage form of food. Fats may be synthesized within the body, however, food acts as the major source.

Essential fatty acids are made up of three polyunsaturated fatty acids – linolenic, linoleic, and acrchidonic – and have essential fatty acid activity. In humans, only linoleic and acrhidonic acids are considered essential. They play important roles in fat transport and metabolism and in maintaining the function and integrity of cellular membranes. They also act as precursors to prostaglandin formation. This means that it is one of a number of hormone-like substances that participate in a wide range of body functions such as the contraction and relaxation of smooth muscle, the dilation and constriction of blood vessels, control of blood pressure, and modulation of inflammation.
While the body can synthesize arachidonic and linolenic acids from linoleic acid, linoleic acid itself must be ingested and cannot be synthesized in the body.

Vitamins and minerals are essential to life and are used within the body’s various structures as building material and are necessary for various biochemical functions. Normally these must be ingested; however, some may be synthesized within the body.

For normal maintenance of health, all the above nutrients must constantly be ingested to provide the basic building blocks of life for the body’s tissues to be repaired and remade, and to furnish an adequate energy supply for body action and maintenance.

Proper drainage of the cell is necessary to get rid of toxic end products of metabolism. If these wastes are not removed, the cell’s function is reduced, which can downgrade the health of tissues, organs, and ultimately the entire body, if affecting many cells.

Coordination within single cells and also within the total organism is essential for life. Intracellular regulation is controlled by chemical means while coordination throughout the entire system is controlled by both the nervous and hormonal systems. If either of these is not functioning properly, delicate balancing mechanisms can be upset, causing downgraded local or systemic health.

In health, all three of these essentials – nutrition, drainage, and coordination – are functioning and in balance, while in disease, there is either disharmony or lack of performance of one or more of these essentials of life. The body’s constant effort is to establish this harmony. If harmony exists, inner vitality is then able to express itself fully. Such a person appears to have an unbounded source of life and energy.

In reality, very few people have completely free-flowing vitality. The total vitality available to the ordinary person equals his or her life force, minus any obstructions to this energy being expressed. Just as the quality of television reception may depend on the television receiver or antenna, so it is with the human organism. These obstructions to the life force can be any one or any combination of the basic causes of disease. In order to relieve any diseased condition, it is necessary to remove from from the body any obstructive factors which interfere with its life force, allowing the body to heal itself.

We truly are what we eat and drink, what we feel, and what we think. Health can only be attained and maintained by the coordination of our body, emotions, and mind. Cures cannot come from external measures, even if they are natural therapies. True healing can only come from within with the heling power of nature freely flowing.



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