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Practical Tips to Revamp Your Porch With Large Planters

Tips to Revamp Your Porch With Large Planters

Having large planters is an extremely economical and creative way to add color to your front porch. They are movable and never fail to create an impression. You can easily impress the guests and create a welcoming aura through a few simple tips given here.

Decide on the Theme

First take into account your favorite colors and unique style, and then plan out how pots need to be placed according to their size. Ascertain that you leave an opening at the bottom such that your plant pots can get waterlogged. The main focus is always on the front door, decorate it with wreaths.

Hang large planters from hooks or branches, or they can even be used as separators or decorated on the edges. What you need to keep in mind is that your plant pots should be of different sizes. If too small, they won’t be prominent, while the larger ones will give a clustered effect. Keep in mind the climate of your country ― go for artificial plants or evergreens if it’s too cold.

Accessories That can be Used

Once you’ve decided the theme you want for your front porch, plan out the material and things you want the plant pots to be decorated with: choose between plastic, wood terracotta, clay or combination of all.

  1. Use pictures or other decorative pieces to add ambiance. Lighting effects can give a mystical aura to your large planters in the night! Throw in some cushions to create a friendly conversational area. Let the pacifying greens lift up your spirits!
  2. Consider taking some pumpkins and simply paint designs or polka dots on them, and place them in front of your planters.
  3. A rainbow of flowers is always inspiring ― use bell flowers, carnations, roses and daisies in brightly colored baskets or flower boxes.
  4. Add in a rocking chair or wrought iron benches to give that posh look and make your porch perfect for coffee sessions.
  5. Place mirrors in your porch to create an illusion of space. Just make sure the mirrors are well attached to the walls.
  6. Candlesticks can be used to give a romantic aura. An oriental look can also be created through placing Chinese vases near your plants.
  7. Discarded materials can be used to decorate the large planters, i.e. redundant tires, old soda bottles and other household items.
  8. Fiberglass planters are not only durable but affordable as well.
  9. You can even create a brassy effect by using metal plant pots. They will not only be durable but also add luster to dull porches.
  10. Think about using raised beds for shrubs or other vegetables for the planters.
  11. Painted shells are a great way to add some drama. Use bright spray paint for your planters and make them items that can ‘grab attention’

Remember, planters near your entrance speak a lot about your personality, so design one that appeals to you and make your porch a beauty with large planters. Plant pots are the answer!

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