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Pineberries – The Delicious White Strawberries That Taste Like Pineapples

Do you love strawberries? Then you’ll love this article about their cousin, pineberries. People everywhere are being introduced to pineberries and they love them.

This unique fruit is delicious and has numerous health benefits. Some people may confuse pineberries with unripe strawberries due to their white color. So what exactly are pineberries?

Pineberry is basically a white strawberry-looking fruit that tastes like pineapples.  It has white flesh and red seeds.

Even though these berries have been in existence for a long time most people aren’t familiar with them because they’re season, not grown in large scale, and are quite costly. In fact, in Japan a single pineberry goes for about $4. Luckily, the farming of pineberries has increased and soon they may be available to all of us at a fairer price.

So why do pineberries have such a high demand. Well, it has to do with their health benefits. Here are things that will happen to your body when you start eating pineberries regularly.

Health benefits of pineberries

Boost energy levels: Pineberries can boost your energy levels because they have high amounts of carbs. They can be of great help if you need an energy boost.

Strong antioxidant properties: Pineberries can reduce oxidation in your body and lower risk of cancer and heart disease due to their strong antioxidant properties.

Reduce digestive problems: This fruit has high fiber content. As you may know fiber helps improve bowel movement and fight constipation. Fiber will also reduce hunger and regulate cholesterol levels. Add them to your smoothie to get more fiber and a unique color.

Stronger immune system: Pineberries will improve your immune system because they’re rich in vitamin C and antioxidants.

Better bone and teeth health: Pineberries will strengthen your teeth and bones because they’re rich in vitamin A.

Prevent heart problems: This fruit contains potassium which means it can lower blood pressure and consequently prevent heart disease and stroke.

Benefits pregnant women: Pineberries contain folate which helps in development of fetus and prevents birth defects.

Grow pineberries in your garden

Pineberries are expensive so you’re better off growing them in your garden. Get pineberry plants from mail order seed houses in both the UK and US. And you’ll have continual supply of this nutritious fruit.

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