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Natural Ways to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

When it comes to health, there are many different routes people take to accomplish it, with many people finding the use of natural methods and products to be effective. The same rings true for oral hygiene, and there are many ways people use natural methods in their oral care routines. For some, they find them to be the most effective, some people choose to do so for social or eco reasons, but whatever the case, it’s easy to keep your teeth healthy by taking the natural route.

Drink Water: Essentially as pure and natural as can be, staying hydrated and drinking water keeps your whole body healthy, not just your mouth. Even better, many public water sources have fluoride in their water which helps to keep your teeth strong. Staying hydrated prevents dry mouth, and helps your saliva to wash away any mouth debris from leftover food. It’s also sugar-free, so the bacteria in your mouth have nothing to feast on. Drink up!

Drink Green Tea: While you’re hydrating, add green tea to the rotation. Green tea can control bacteria while lowering the acidity of saliva. These benefits can help to decrease tooth decay. Gum disease is also no match for green tea, due to the anti-inflammatory qualities of green tea. These all lead to improved breath, so when it comes to oral health, green tea is filled with goodness for your mouth.

Choose your Diet Wisely: Acidic foods can be detrimental to your oral hygiene, as it can negatively affect your risk for tooth decay. This is caused because the acid eats through the enamel and allows bacteria to get into the surface of the tooth. Choosing foods that are mineral rich are a great choice for overall health, and foods high in phosphorus and calcium are vital to keeping tooth enamel strong.

No Smoking: Tobacco can be natural, but that doesn’t make it healthy for you. Not using tobacco products is natural, too, and is much better for your oral hygiene. Aside from yellowing your teeth, tobacco products can lead to bad breath, inhibit the production of saliva, and lead to oral cancer. It also takes a toll on your whole body and circulation, so leaving it out of your lifestyle has more benefits than not.

Don’t Crunch on Non-Foods: It’s easy to crush ice with your teeth or chew on nails, or the end of your pen and many people do it absentmindedly. Doing so can cause damage to your enamel, so use your teeth for food only, and you’ll keep them stronger longer.

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