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Monsanto aka “Pinocchio” and their “hookers”

By now, most of us are aware of the controversy surrounding genetically modified crops that are horrendously sprayed with Monsanto’s herbicide Roundup Ready with its active ingredient glyphosate.

We know that the main GMO crops are soy, corn, cotton, sugar beets, alfalfa, and canola (even if it says organic). As a side note, canola oil was originally used as an industrial solvent until someone came up with the idea that if it was modified it could be sold as a vegetable oil. Granted it comes from a rapeseed, but why would anyone in his or her right mind want to ingest something that was used as a toxic solvent to begin with?

In Hawaii, Monsanto and GMOs have been raked through the coals. So much so that Monsanto has released a “teary” community message to dispel the “lies” about GMOs. Of course they never mention the fact that GMOs have been banned in over 20 countries in the world and only flourish in the good ol’ US of A. More about that later.

Here’s the tearjerker they released:

“Aloha Friends and Neighbors.

Lately, you may have seen or read a lot of things about Monsanto Hawaii, including some very outrageous and untruthful claims. We’d like to take a moment to speak up on behalf of our thousand employees and families.

First and foremost we’re farmers. Many of us grew up on farms, come from farming families, and have dedicated our careers to agriculture. We’re also passionate about growing seed corn that is used to help farmers grow crops to feed the world {who cares if the corn crops are sprayed with 2-4-D, the active ingredient in Agent Orange?}.

We’re very proud of our products and the benefits they bring to the millions of farmers who buy our seeds {which have to be bought every year because the seeds only have a one-year life and cannot be harvested from crops for replanting the next season}. Our work in Hawaii has enabled growers across the globe to produce more per acre, consume less fuel and adopt eco-friendly agricultural practices {who cares if hundreds of poor farmers in India committed suicide because they could not afford to buy seeds every year?}.

For years, our seeds have helped farmers protect their crops from insects and disease. Our newer innovations include corn plants better able to withstand drought, and soy beans richer in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Our seed products have undergone years of careful study, and have an outstanding safety record {just like tobacco did 50 years ago}.

Recently, there have been many wild accusations about us, with no basis in truth {I guess they never read the Dr. Giles-Eric Seralini report from the University of Caan in France linking their sprayed garbage with cancer}.

Our fields have been threatened with destruction, we’ve been individually targeted and harassed, and our friends and neighbors attacked with hate language and racial slurs. This irresponsible and violent behavior generates needless fear and divides our community. It’s not “pono” {good}.

Many of us were born here, grew up here, went to school here and are raising families here. We care greatly about our homes, schools, neighborhoods and islands, and are supportive, charitable members of our community {just ask all the politicians we pay off}.

We’re happy to meet and talk story with those who have a genuine interest in knowing more about who we are and what we do. We gladly offer presentations to interested groups. Please look for additional invitations to learn more about us. You may be surprised by what you discover.

Mahalo nui loa {thank you very much}”!

I’ll give you all a moment to dry the tears from your eyes . . .

Recently, there was a report issued by Anthony Samsel, an independent scientist and consultant from Deerfield, NH, and Dr. Stephanie Seneff, an MIT computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory scientist, that had the title, “Glyphosate’s Suppression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes and Amino Acid Biosynthesis by the Gut Microbiome: Pathways to Modern Diseases”. It’s a very lengthy and scientific report that is a mind blower. The conclusion reads as follows:

“This paper presents an exhaustive review of the toxic effects of the herbicide, glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, in humans, and demonstrates how glyphosate’s adverse effects on the gut microbiota, in conjunction with its established ability to inhibit the activity of cytochrome P450 enzymes, and its likely impairment of sulfur transport, can remarkably explain a great number of the diseases and conditions that are prevalent in the modern industrialized world. Its effects are insidious, because the long-term effects are often not immediately apparent.

The pathologies to which glyphosate could plausibly contribute, through its known biosemiotic effects, include inflammatory bowel disease, entropy, obesity, depression, ADHD, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, multiple sclerosis, cancer, muscle wasting disease, infertility, and developmental malformations.

Glyphosate works synergistically with other factors, such as insufficient sun exposure (vitamin D deficiency), dietary deficiencies in critical nutrients such as sulfur and zinc, and synergistic exposure to other xenobiotics whose detoxification is impaired by glyphosate.

Given the known toxic effects of glyphosate reviewed here and the plausibility that they are negatively impacting health worldwide, it is imperative for more independent research to take place to validate the ideas presented here, and to take immediate action, if they are verified, to drastically curtail the use of glyphosate in agriculture. Glyphosate is likely to be pervasive in our food supply, and contrary to being essentially non-toxic, it may in fact be the most biologically disruptive chemical in out environment”.

To sum this up, the glyphoste in GMOs destroys your health. When Dr. Seneff was guest on my radio show, she made it clear that glyphosate kills all the sulfur and zinc in the soil and enhances all the diseases listed above. She made it very clear that sulfur will promote good health.

So, for anyone who eats or shops, if soy, corn, and cotton products do not say organic or non-GMO and you eat them, you are putting your health at grave risk. As far as sugar goes, if it does not say cane sugar, the likelihood of it being GMO is huge. GMO sugar will say “sugar” or “high fructose corn syrup’ or “corn syrup”. Please, please read labels. As far as canola goes, don’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.

The question arises: Why don’t our politicians do anything? They do! They take money from the biotech industry and will not bite the hand that feeds them.

When Obama campaigned in 2008, he promised that he would call for the mandatory labeling of GMOs. Instead of doing that he appointed many of Monsanto’s former employees to key government positions. Michael Taylor as the FDA Food Czar; Tom Vilsack as the Head of the Department of Agriculture; Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen was a Monsanto lawyer, as was Clarence Thomas, as was Hilary Clinton.

The only person that can really take responsibility for you is you. It’s a golden opportunity. Don’t waste it.



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