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Lemons Contain 22 Cancer-Fighting Compounds

When life hands you lemons, eat them! Lemons have anti-cancer compounds that can lower risk of cancer, research shows. In fact, lemon peels have compounds that can kill cancer cells.

Lemon peels have been proven to do more than kill cancer cells. They improve skin health, strengthen immune system, lower cholesterol levels, and reduce blood pressure.

Researchers say that the phytochemicals in lemons are as effective as chemotherapy and they don’t harm the cells.

In this study, cancer reduced patients who took high amounts of citrus fruits. According to the study, lemons can play a significant role in fighting cancers of the digestive and upper respiratory tract.

In another study, researchers found that eating 150 grams of citrus fruits, four times a week can reduce cancer.

Powerful compounds in lemons


Limonoid are phytochemicals found in found in citrus fruits (high amounts in lemon peels) and they’ve shown cancer-fighting effects. According to research, limonoids can inhibit development of different tumors, including, oral, ovarian and breast tumors. And the best part is that this compound is easily absorbed into the body.


Phenolic compounds like flavonoids have also been proven to be potent cancer-fighters. This study showed that people who eat flavonoid-rich diet have lower risk of prostate, colon and breast cancer. Note that other citrus fruits also contain citrus flavonoids. And the lemon peel is richer in flavonoids than the flesh and seeds.


Flavanones, which are found in citrus flavonoids, they were found to reduce skin tumor in an animal study.


This compound also has cancer-fighting properties. According to this review, it prevents growth of tumors by deactivating and blocking signals and transcription pathways essential for cancer cells

Other nutrients of lemon fruit

Lemons contain vitamins, dietary fiber, minerals, organic acids, carotenoids, and essential oils. Vitamin C is one of the main nutrients in lemon fruit. Vitamin C was found to prolong life of patients with terminal cancer, and it also reduces symptoms of chemotherapy and cancer.

It’s also worth noting that lemon detoxifies the body. As a result, it will strengthen the immune system and make it easier to lose weight.

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