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Jackfruit Is The #1 Cancer Killer, Studies Show

Unless you’re vegan, chances are you don’t eat jackfruit often. This unique fruit is very nutritious and should be part of your diet.

It contains numerous nutrients including potassium, magnesium, vitamin A, B6 and C, iron, and calcium. Jackfruit is popular among vegans because it contains vitamin B6 which is hard to get in a vegan diet.

American cancer society says that men have a 4.7 percent lifetime risk of colorectal cancer, while women have a 4.4 percent risk. And it is estimated that colorectal cancer will cause 50,000 deaths in 2017, in United States.

The worst part is that this type of cancer is hard to treat and can cause other complications. But you can treat it naturally, using jackfruit.

Fight colon cancer

This fruit can fight colon cancer because it contains phytonutrients – saponins, lignans, and isoflavones. These compounds fight free radicals that cause cancer and other diseases.


Jackfruit is rich in phytonutrients that can fight cancer and ulcers. Here’s how these phytonutrients will help you prevent and fight cancer.

Isoflavones and lignans

These phytonutrients help lower risk of cancer. In one study, researchers found that women who ate jackfruit had a lower risk of cancer than those who didn’t consume it.


According to this study, saponins can inhibit the development of different cancers. Saponins were found to prevent growth of cancer cells. Research shows this compound can lower risk of colon cancer and leukemia.

It’s also worth noting that this fruit contains antioxidants that protect cellular DNA from free radicals. Additionally, jackfruit is rich in fiber which will help keep the colon healthy and reduce risk of colon cancer.

Use jackfruit to boost your immune system

This fruit will strengthen your immune system because it contains vitamin C. Studies have proven that eating this fruit regularly can reduce risk of diseases. Lastly, jackfruit is rich in polysaccharides, compounds which help improve phagocytic cell function.

Eat this fruit regularly if you want to lower risk of colorectal cancer.

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