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Infection After Surgery Can Cause Death

Thousands of surgeries happen every day here, even though most could have easily been avoided. Nevertheless, if you recently had surgery or will soon have surgery, then you must start healing right now or you could die from post-op infection.

Thousands Die Every Year From Post-Op Infection That Could Have Easily Be Prevented.

Of course the older you are and how long you have been sick leading up to your surgery, will also determine how quickly you heal post-op.

Surgery, no matter how minor, does cause serious injury in your body that if left to heal too slowly or doesn’t heal at all, can lead to serious infection and even death, so it’s vital you heal as quickly as possible, and especially clean out all those drugs they injected you with or your healing time can slow considerably. In other words, the drugs you are told to take post-op to prevent infection, actually weaken your immune system further, which raises your risk of serious infection by double.

It is vitally important you research every part of the surgery before you agree, so you can determine by pinpoint accuracy, exactly where the main cutting and secondary cutting or tearing will occur. This way, you know exactly what pain to expect and of course where the healing must begin. Often times, the patient is unaware of all the damage to surrounding tissue, as well, which can cause all sorts of painful symptom besides the main cutting point. And when you add up all the areas in your body that surgical knife cut and what other damage it caused as you were sliced and diced, knowing as much as possible before the surgery, could also save you months, even years of pain, because you know what to expect.

Infection After Surgery Causes Slow Post-Op Recovery.

As the injury left behind after surgery heals, you could still feel considerable pain and turn to pain-pills, which will also slow your healing time and create other side-effects from the pain-pills, too.

So, if you must do surgery, at least prepare your body first by strengthening your immune system and increasing organ strength, so when your surgery is done, your post-op recovery takes less time and you will never need the same surgery or any surgery like it, ever again.

How Exactly Do I Do That?

I’m glad you’s simple actually. If you know you are going to have surgery soon, then immediately start eating the very rare food I have gathered together for you to eat, which I like to call the Pesticide Cleanse. You eat this every day for your breakfast leading up to your surgery day, so your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and of course your immune system will be optimal, which means your post-op recovery will take less time. Then during your post-op recovery, you continue to Pesticide Cleanse every day, so you heal much faster and considerably lower your risk of infection, which means you feel much less pain and therefore will not need to rely on pain-pills quicker. This truly is a win-win for you if you do this consistently. Please do this for yourself, so your family never has to worry about your recovery.


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