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How To Survive Long Flights

Screaming children, sold-out sweets, and a stomach-churning headache is something we’ve all experienced on a long flight. But you no longer have to suffer, even if you miss out on the favored window seat. Surviving a long-haul flight is easy and, you never know, you might even end up enjoying the time to yourself listening to your favorite hits so, before you slide your passport and a visa into your wallet, read our top tips to survive a long-haul flight.

Wear comfortable clothes

Comfort is a key factor in surviving long-haul flights. After all, who wants to sit on an 8-hour flight wearing skinny blue jeans, a collared shirt, and an itchy blazer? No one! Think of an outfit you’d be happy to wear well in advance of your flight to avoid the manic rush in the morning to scramble out the door on time. And remember, sitting in a confined space being blasted by air-con can get cold, so wearing several layers is ideal to help adjust your temperature accordingly when you fly. Plus, you won’t have to worry about being too hot when you arrive at your destination either since you can remove your jacket to reveal the short-sleeve t-shirt underneath.

Reserve a seat

The next best way to survive a tiresome long-haul flight is to select and reserve a seat before you fly. It might cost you a couple of pounds (or dollars) more to reserve your seat, but you’ll thank yourself when turbulence hits. If you don’t already know, sitting in the center isles of an airplane reduces the effects of turbulence, so if you’re a nervous flyer, we definitely recommend booking ahead to get the best seat when you arrive! If you want more leg room, we suggest sitting in an exit row and if you want to avoid aggravated crying children? Steer clear of the front of the plane!

Get ready to sleep

For a long-haul flight, you’ll more than likely be on the plane for the equivalent of either a whole day or night. Due to this, it’s worth bringing along a couple of long-haul flight essentials to keep you occupied. For some, a lightweight blanket will do, but others like to take a good sleep mask to block out the light and a pair of ear plugs for peace and quiet at any given time. Further to this, pack some basic toiletries in your hand luggage, such as a tube of travel-friendly toothpaste and a toothbrush to help you feel a little more put together when you land!

Staying hydrated & snacking

If you don’t like in-flight meals, we highly suggest taking your own snacks on board and eating a proper meal before you set off (depending on the time of your flight)!To keep your bursts of hunger at bay, the best snacks to pack are those that release energy slowly such as nuts, cereal bars, and dried fruit, since they will keep you full for longer and you won’t feel the need buy the unhealthy snacks that tempt your taste buds. Also, keep in mind that just because you feel hungry, it doesn’t mean you are hungry. Aircraft cabins are very dry places, and the chances of becoming quickly dehydrated are very high. Stay hydrated by taking bottled water on board with you and avoid consuming too much alcohol, coffee, and tea no matter how bad your sugar craving may be!

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