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How to Make Okra Water To Treat Allergy, Diabetes, and Kidney Problems

When was the last time you consumed okra? This veggie is filled with vitamins and minerals that have lots of health benefits and prevent diseases?

The nutrients found in okra include magnesium, carbs, protein, fat, folate, fiber, and vitamin A and C. Well, you can get all these nutrients by drinking okra water.

But before I show you how to make okra water, let’s look into the health benefits.

Fight fatigue

You should drink okra water if you struggle with fatigue. This study found that fatigue levels and recovery time improved after subjects used okra.

Okra water will keep you energetic all day and reduce your recovery time after exercise.

Lower cholesterol levels

In this animal study, researchers found that okra can lower cholesterol in diabetics. This benefit was attributed to high fiber and antioxidant properties.

Prevent diabetes

Other than regulating cholesterol levels, okra also helps control blood sugar. This helps a great deal in reducing risk of diabetes.

Prevent kidney disease

This study found that taking okra regularly can prevent kidney disease. Subjects who ate okra every day had a lower risk of kidney disease than those who were on a diabetic diet. Note that approx. 50 percent of kidney problems are triggered by diabetes.

Treat respiratory problems like asthma

Okra will help fight asthma and other respiratory problems since it contains vitamin C. According to this study, taking vitamin C-rich fruits can fight most respiratory problems.

Keep the colon healthy

Okra can help keep the colon clean and healthy due to high fiber content. It also contains vitamin A which keeps the mucous membrane healthy, thus helping the digestive tract work optimally.

More benefits

  • Improve eye and skin health
  • Prevent colon cancer
  • Boost mood
  • Prevent constipation
  • Helps maintain healthy weight

Okra water recipe

Use a knife to pierce both sides of the pod (many piercings).

Put the pods in a mason jar then add water (cover them completely).

Leave the pods there for a minimum of 8 hours and 24 hours maximum.

After soaking them, squeeze the pod to extract leftover sap.

Remove the pods and enjoy your water.

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