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How to Incorporate Some Hollywood Style to Your Wedding Marquee Reception

A Marquee Wedding Reception is one that is held in a large rain and wind resistant tent, adorned with decorations chosen by the bride and groom. Marquee weddings have recently blossomed, as more and more couples are in favor of choosing customized spaces and themes for their big day.

Couples who have opted for Hollywood style Marquee receptions have thrilled guests with the glamour of the venue, and their keen eye for detail. Here are few ideas for sprinkling some Hollywood glamour into your Marquee wedding reception.

Venue Decor

  • Choose a location that has a glamorous backdrop. It could be a vintage private property on hire or a large field along a lake.
  • The tent should be large and airy in shades of white or ivory. These colors act as a perfect canvas for glitzy embellishments.
  • Classic flowers like rose, peony or lilies can be chosen to accentuate the tent and tables.
  • The party could be a cocktail style one or a seated reception. In a seated function, classic banquet style tables could be chosen for added sophistication.
  • Arrange a long red carpet entrance and photographers to click pictures of the guests who walk along gold velvet ropes to the venue.
  • Colors like white, ivory, red and gold add Hollywood pizzazz to the ambience.

Dress Code

  • The bride can be in a lovely fishtail lace gown, complemented with sparkling Jimmy Choos. A gemstone hair accessory, gloves, and gold/diamond jewelry will complete the look.
  • The bridegroom could wear a fitted sharp-pressed tux with a bow-tie.
  • Ladies should focus on chic red carpet dresses and chandelier earrings; gentlemen in lounge suits and clean hairstyles.

Food and Music

  • Although the flavor of the cake completely depends on the bride and the groom, many are opting for unconventional choices like cheesecakes and naked cakes.
  • A scrumptious dessert table with pastel coloured French macaroons is deemed more stylish than the conventional cupcake displays.
  • Food that echoes fine dining principles, and out-of-the-box flavor profiles can be specifically provided by the caterers.
  • A well-stocked cocktail bar is an essential for this theme.
  • A black and white chequered dance floor with hanging glitzy stars and live performances of the best Hollywood music would certainly add more drama.

Other Amenities

  • If the parking space is a little away from the Marquee, provide a well-protected walkway for the guests. Consider unprecedented rains or winds while planning.
  • Contemporary mobile toilets are available today. Check with your wedding planner and choose an appropriate one.
  • Backup power should be accounted for, and a generator of the right capacity should be made available.

Cost of a Marquee Wedding Reception

The expenses mainly depend on the facilities that you require. But the fact that you would be setting up everything, including floors and ceilings in a Marquee, make it prone to being a more expensive option when compared to a traditional venue reception.

In spite of the costs, a Marquee Wedding Reception has shown to be more favored among couples. In such a setup, they are able to put their own personal stamp on the ceremony, and also offer a memorable experience to the guests.

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