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How To Get The Most From Your Fruits & Veggies: Blending Or Juicing

Our current generation is more health-conscious than ever, which has resulted in a greater consumption of fruits and vegetables. While eating fruits and vegetables in their raw form is undoubtably great for you, there are also some benefits to blending and juicing these nutrients as well – still raw, but easier to digest. This will help you figure out which method is better for you.

What’s Blending?

Through the use of a blender, you add your raw fruits and veggies, usually with some type of liquid like juice or almond milk and blend it into a smoothie-like substance. By blending your drink in the blender, you are able to keep the skin on your fruit or vegetable which gives you the produce’s entire fiber. By using the blender the produce’s fiber is broken up which assists you in the digestion process and also creates a steady and slow release of fibrous nutrition. Using juicy fruits like peaches and pineapple in combination with leafy greens gives you a good consistency while avoiding overuse of sugary store bought juices to help you blend.

Blending Pros

  • Blending your produce is a great option for diabetics because it is optimal for the regulation of blood sugar as it releases nutrients at a slow and steady rate.
  • If you find that you are limited on time in the mornings, blending is perfect option to get in a healthy and nutritious breakfast. It doesn’t take much time to throw your ingredients in the blender, and then take it with you on the go.
  • Those trying to lose some weight should look into using blended smoothies as a meal replacement.
  • Blending your produce is the best option for those passionate about working out because the slow release of nutrition is optimal for long periods of exertion.

What’s Juicing?

Through the use of a juicing machine, you are able to extract all of the nutrients and water from your produce making a juice, and then throw away the fiber of the fruit.

Juicing Pros

  • By juicing your fruits and vegetables, the nutrients are readily available to your body. even quicker than if you were to eat your produce whole.
  • In removing all your produce’s fiber, and providing your body with a chlorophyll-dense juice, there is no effort involved in the digestion process.
  • Because your body doesn’t need to digest, through autolysis, your body is able to rid itself of cells that are old and damaged.
  • Juicing is perfect for people who struggle with digestion or who have a chronic illness that restricts their fiber consumption.
  • By juicing your produce, you are able to consume healthy nutrients that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Which is Better For You?

Currently, Americans are not getting their recommended amount of 5-13 servings of vegetables and fruit, this makes either blending or juicing a great option to improve our overall health, if you’re doing it right. The best option for you, according to nutrition experts, is to vary between blending, eating your produce whole, and juicing.

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