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How to find time to exercise and stay motivated

Finding time for physical exercise is often a problem whether it arises from the frenetic pace of life or laziness. By following five simple tricks you can find time to exercise and improve relationship with your workout routine, and make it fun and enjoyable. A little commitment and ability to adapt will be however necessary to achieve the desired results.

  • Reducing training time can be a valuable trick; it provides you necessary time out of your busy schedulde, provided you choose a strenuous exercise. This trick will allow you to go for 15-20 minutes of vigorous exercise session rather than the classic an “hour of physical activity.”
  • Turning your home or office a place of training, practicing gymnastics desk or some yoga exercises.
  • Walking every time you get the opportunity, preferably at a fast pace. You can do this by not taking car or public transport for short distances. The benefits of taking a long outdoor walk are enormous, both mentally and physically, for example: walking in a public park will also reduce level of anxiety or stress.
  • Televisions are notorious. They spoil us. However, a television program or movie can attract the right level of attention during training. Watching your favourite program or movie during workout will make exercise more pleasant and less tiring.
  • Training in someone’s company is one of the most effective tricks to get results and really enjoy your exercise.

Benefits of Physical Activity

Practicing regular physical activity provides important benefits to health, both from the point of view of cardio circulatory and the emotional aspect. As mentioned above, a simple walk can be as helpful as practicing yoga, to reduce anxiety and stress levels.

2 minutes of intense exercise a day helps protect the heart. This is what the researchers of Newcastle University say on the basis of the results obtained during a recent study headed by Professor Michael Trenell.

While confirming the effectiveness of the exercise of long duration, Prof. Trenell said that “strong benefit” for heart’s health would arise even from micro-intense training sessions

Exercise + Music = Motivation

It is said that music softens morals. But it does much more than that. Research in neuroscience and psychology has shown that music stabilizes mood, helps to better understand oneself, stimulates social bonds, changes the perception of pain, etc.

Music is the accompaniment of choice when performing a boring or monotonous activity. Not surprisingly, during a repetitive physical activity like running on a stationary bike, biceps or abdominal muscles in a gymnasium, music has become an essential ingredient,

It is even a source of motivation and determination. This is what reveals a survey from the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) in cooperation with the firm Léger, Research and Strategy-Board

Nearly 78% of respondents believe that listening to good music is just as important as having comfortable clothes or accessing the right equipment at the gym. Of these, the vast majority, nearly 7 out of 10 people say that music is at least as important as comfortable shoes.

The study “Exercise + Music = Motivation” states that participants see music as an essential element in their motivation to stay physically fit.


Author Bio – Jane Smith is a fitness freak and loves playing with her two super-cute cats. She is passionate about healthy living and entreprenuership.

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