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Heal Bad Breath with Natural Remedies

We all dread and worry about bad breath, especially right after a spicy meal or a cup of coffee. It’s estimated that about 9% of the population have reported having bad breath within the past 6 months.

The condition is worse for people who suffer from persistent bad breath problem and all experts agree that it’s likely a symptom of a more serious health problem later.

Causes of Bad Breathe

While onions, garlic, beverages such as coffee, alcohol, and relying too much on low-carb diets like Paleo can all cause bad breathe, studies reveal that the primary reason people suffer the condition is due to poor oral hygiene. There are millions of bacteria that live below the gum-line and on the back of the tongue, and if they are not properly cleaned they tend to eat off proteins and food particles in the mouth and release gases, volatile sulfur compounds. As a result, you not only suffer from bad breathe, but your mouth becomes susceptible to developing cavities and periodontal gum disease.

Here’s a look at some the most effective natural remedies you should consider to deal with bad breathe.

Brush regularly

Although you may have read and heard it before, but brushing after meals or at least twice a day can help you stay away from developing bad breath. In order to get the most out of it, make sure that you are methodical about brushing and are getting all of the surfaces of your teeth and gums.


You may try all the diverse and effective toothbrushes, but the best way to get below the gum line and in-between teeth is to floss every time after you brush your teeth. If more food gets accumulated constantly, and if you don’t brush and floss regularly, the chances are they just sit there, rot and lead to foul smell.

Drink your water

Not drinking enough water can decrease your salivary flow, causing breathe to be more concentrated. This can result in nasty odor from your breath. Make sure you drink up your water throughout the day to combat the issue.

Choose the right mouthwash

We can’t argue with the fact that mouthwash does a wonderful job eliminating the bacteria that causes bad breathe. However, high alcohol content mouthwash can be too drying and actually cause bacteria to thrive, therefore pick an alcohol-free mouthwash, with ingredients like menthol, thymol instead. Tip: Always wait for at least 15 minutes after brushing to rinse so the mouthwash is effective.

Get a tongue scraper

Your tongue harbors millions of bacteria and brushing can only get to the surface. Since it’s a huge surface area in the mouth, using a tongue scrapper every time after brushing is usually proven to bring positive results.

Go all natural

Cloves are known to be rich in eugenol, a potent antibacterial. You can simple pop one into your mouth and dent it with your teeth. You may experience slight burn due to the pungent aromatic oil, therefore it’s recommended that you keep spicy nub moving. Keep biting until the essence permeates your mouth.

You can also chew on fennel, dill, cardamom that kills bacteria growing on the tongue, thereby masking the odor of bad breathe.


About Author : Tany Clarck is a professional blogger who had researched about the natural remedies for Bad Breath problem with the reference of General Dentist.

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