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Hawaii’s blatant rail fraud!

When the Hawaii rail system became the issue, there was a meeting held at the Honolulu City Council. In that meeting, Ikaika (who I later called Piniocchio) Anderson said, on Nov. 12, 2011, that if we changed our venue from steel-on-steel the feds would take back their funding. This was corroborated by two other Council members and steel-on-steel passed by an 8 to 1 vote. The guy who voted no was taken out of the Council and replaced by another “hooker” in the next election.

The reality was that the FTA (Federal Transit Authority) WOULD take back their funding only after we signed the agreement, which was signed on December 15, 2012. That meant that had the truth been revealed to the people, a vote on the venue would have been imminent.

Steel-on-steel has a cost of $500 million a mile. Maglev has a cost of $65 million a mile.
It all boiled down to “gimmie the money honey” and that’s exactly what happened. Not only to the Council members but to the Mayor, Governor, the people appointed as Consultants, and HART – Hawaii Authority for Rapid Transportation.

We have called for audits, we have called for lawsuits, we have called for investigations and nothing happens. Yet, the rail system in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, has far reaching devastations: not only have sales taxes and real estate taxes on Oahu increased, but the other islands, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii, and Molokai, have been told that they also will have tax increases for a rail system they will never use.

We, the protesters, are encouraging the neighbor islands to mount federal legal challenges against the fraudulent State of Hawaii for the outright theft of their money to continue to support the biggest fraud ever perpetuated upon the people of Hawaii since statehood.

The anti-rail group has a voluminous amount of documents to prove systemic fraud, waste, and abuse to put our Mayor and his gang of mobsters away in prison, starting with their falsification of federal documents and lying to federal officials.

This message already went to over 40 national newspapers so they know just how crooked Hawaii has become and why no one should come to Hawaii for a visit.

The USDOJ doesn’t give damn. The FBI doesn’t give a damn. Congress doesn’t give a damn. The FTA and OIG (Office of the Inspector General) don’t give a damn. The Hawaii judicial system, including the Supreme Court doesn’t give a damn. They are all part of the problem, protecting Hawaii’s crooked government.

God help humanity and the planet with so many retards in charge of our government. It isn’t just the Hawaii Electric Company monopoly that is in a death spiral but human society itself because of the insane and insatiable worship of King Moolah. No attorney in Hawaii will help save humanity unless he/she gets a piece of the pie first. No such thing as giving back to the community with pro bono work to save everyone.

Basically, Hawaii has become as close to a fascist form of government in control of the State, because power is what controls the people and most of the elected officials. Hawaii ranks #1 in the number of negatives for advancement and progress in the Nation and for those that call Hawaii home.

Basically, we, the people, don’t matter and the politicians and their friends can’t make a buck. If the politicians listened to the good ideas from the people they allegedly, but don’t, represent, it would mean giving up control, and we all know that cannot be tolerated. Oh yeah, one party, the Democrats, controls everything and no opposition to anything orchestrated by the hierarchy is acceptable. If there is opposition, the “good ole boys” will find a way to get rid of them. Just like the one guy who voted against the steel-on-steel rail system.

Hawaii is run by corruption and this is why the rail project, besides not being planned from start to finish (and a rush job at best), has more than doubled in cost and no one has investigated why. It is also why no one in the political arena wants what the people want – a detailed audit by an outside independent agency.

Even the Public Utilities Commission has not shown support for the people. The Courts have yet to to explain why the monopoly of the electrical utility’s in the islands is a violation of the Trust of 1912-13. While the utility companies on all the islands have different names, they all seem to fall under the control of Hawaii Electric Industry. So then, how are all the electric companies independent? So, if HEI has monopolistic control over the State, how can any island reduce any of the rates that the citizens pay?

So, what then are signs of Fascism? What about rampant cronyism and corruption?
What about labor power suppressed by only paying minimum wage?
What about protecting corporate power?
What about controlling mass media so the public only hears what the “powers” want them to hear? (In Honolulu the local TV stations interview local authors on the morning shows. I gave 4 stations a copy of my book, “A Sane Diet for an Insane World.” Weeks went bye and I never heard back, so I inquired. Bottom line: my book went against their advertising dollars)
What about fraudulent elections like living in one district but elected in another?
Why would that be allowed? If you’re a “team player” it’s overlooked. If not, bye bye, see you tomorrow.
The real bummer: running in one party, winning, and then switching to the other party.

Basically a person represents the people who elected them. This is foremost. But yet, it seems to be about taking the money you get to switch parties.

Corruption never ends. I was born in a time when values, ethics, and lots of other stuff has been swept under the rug. Now, in God we trust. All others pay cash!


(The meaning of aloha is existing with love, peacefulness, humility, sincerity and honesty. Unfortunately, it cannot apply to most politicians, globalists, and power-hungry, greedy a**holes!)

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