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Global Warming

Believe it or not, livestock produce more greenhouse gasses than all the cars, airplanes, trains and ships in the world combined.

We , in the good ‘ol U S of A, can help to contain the greenhouse gas emissions by changing the way we eat.

Despite Big Food’s lies, eating anything that had a face or a mother is not a healthy food choice for our bodies or our planet and the production of livestock accounts for incredibly high greenhouse gas emissions and it ain’t gonna get any better any time soon.

Do you really believe that cutting down the rain forests in the Amazon, Africa and anywhere else has no effect on the planet?

The Big Food and fossil fuel industry will grow noses as big as Pinocchio’s to sustain their profits, while continually lying and discrediting anyone that opposes them.

Believe it or not they are ranting that vegetarians contribute more to greenhouse gas emissions than those that salivate over flesh and blood.

Believe that and I’m sure you can believe that Colorado gets no snow in the winter time.

In 2006, there was a report by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (“Livestock’s Long Shadow”) that found that 18 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions were caused by cattle, sheep, buffalo, pigs and poultry. Then, other studies raised that amount to 51 percent.

The EPA, the Environmental Pollution Agency, said that the methane emissions from the livestock digestive systems represented a third of all the emissions from the agriculture industry in the US.

I’m sure once that was released most of those EPA guys lost their jobs.

But the problem just doesn’t lie with just their digestive systems. When you take into consideration the amount of livestock doo doo and how the big killing farms expose the manure to oxygen and moisture, that greatly increases the methane levels in the environment.

Despite the need for for a huge reduction in consuming flesh foods world wide, I have not heard anyone campaigning for a ban on Big Macs, Whoppers, McNuggets, or the fancy slabs of flesh sold in the high priced restaurants.

Now, because the people in China and India are salivating for flesh and blood, the demand worldwide has gone through the roof as has the adverse effects on the environment and also by stimulating the GMO industry increasing the production of the feed grains.

To have a healthy environment, environmentally sustained feeding practices, animal husbandry techniques, livestock health management and a more waste friendly system must be improved.

We all know that what we choose to eat is a personal choice. But what about the conditioning effect?

When you are a little kid, do you choose what to eat or were you conditioned to eat what your parents feed you? Even the MD’s say that reducing flesh consumption adds years to your life.

But, what you choose to eat is your choice. But, that choice should be explored.

Think about this: When you examine the carnivorous creatures you will see that their digestive tracts are a straight line. When they eat flesh it passes right out of their system.

With the herbivorous creatures, like the humans, their digestive tracts are like a convoluted switchback road. That means that when they chew and chew on a rubber tire, after they suck out all the spices and flavors they swallow the piece of tire. Guess what?

Because of the convoluted switchback digestive tract, the tire gets caught in the switchback.

Maybe you don’t think that poses no problem. Let me add a bit to your thought process.

Plant-based foods leave the body in two to four days. Flesh-based foods leave the body in four to seven days.

With plant-based foods you can chew them, break them down completely and when mixed with the saliva they are swallowed easily.

You, like I said, cannot break down a muscle. So, it sits there. As does the growth hormones, the antioxidants, the GMOs, the toxins and poisons that arose from the poor health of the grossly confined and assembly line killing and maiming of the animals.

Four to seven days sitting in your body from three squares a day. Hello arthritis, constipation, restricted blood flow leading to stroke, heart disease, cancer, or the need to Cialis. And that’s just for openers.

Why doesn’t industry want you to know that? In God we trust. All others pay cash!

Believe it or not, the medical journal Lancet found that a reduction of just half a cup of anything that had a face or a mother would significantly reduce methane and nitrous oxide emissions.

Imagine what your health would be like if flesh was the side, instead of the peas and carrots? And once your intelligence took over control of your tongue and you could eliminate the “side”, you would not believe how your health and energy would increase.

Hey, give it a shot for one month. If you don’t like how you feel just go back. For most people though, their tongues wouldn’t even let them last one day.


Source: Tampa Bay Press Club

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