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Forget Dinner: the New Trend in 2016 is Brunch Weddings

Weddings are expensive, right?  Yeah no kidding–according to a report from TheKnot.com, the average cost of a wedding in the United States has been steadily increasing, reversing a trend that saw a slump due to the 2008 recession.  The average cost on a wedding is now over $31,000, which much of the budget going to the reception venue and the caterers.  Strangely enough, the wedding guest list is steadily descending, indicating that even though wedding costs remain high, impressing a huge list of family, friends and acquaintances is no longer a priority.  

Maybe because it’s just a question of simple logic.  Even though weddings are a momentous occasion, spending a huge amount of money on a reception and a dinner for the guests—a two or three hour event at most—is not really justifiable, especially considering how much the honeymoon is going to cost.  No wonder many shrewd couples are skipping the full course meal and are instead going with brunch weddings.  In theory, brunch weddings allow you to entertain a larger guest list, without having to spend a small fortune on pricey entrees.

For example, brunch weddings will often serve a waffle bar with a variety of toppings, along with cocktails.  It’s even more quaint when you take the reception out on the beach or by a pool.  According to another American Wedding Study, while 91% of couples have a honeymoon, only 22% have a weekend wedding, and 34% have a post wedding brunch.  In fact the higher cost of weddings has resulted in more weekday weddings, particularly on Thursday says a report from the Times, so that families can save on high weekend costs.  

Brunch wedding receptions, as opposed to dinners, are popular today, not only because it’s less expensive than catering a wedding, but also because daytime weddings are affordable in comparison to the evening hours.  Some couples even do breakfast for dinner and serve omelets or pancakes instead of the usual high-end dinner.

Guests will hardly complain so as long as there is alcohol, of course, mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and the like, as well as a good quantity of pretty good food, rather than a small serving of very good (and expensive) cuisine.  

A spokesperson for TimelessWeddingBands says that there are many reasons to consider a brunch wedding instead of a traditional weekend wedding with full dinner.  And it’s not always about price.  “A lot of your guests are ‘morning people’ and they will simply be in a better mood if they see the wedding when they’re at their peak.  Brunch weddings also allow for a more relaxed occasion in terms of dress code and the choice of décor and food.  It’s simple and it doesn’t stress out of your most important guests.”



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