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Food Realities

For the most part we know that the SAD (Standard American Diet) has its shortcomings. It is a diet comprised of eating anything that had a face and a mother, processed foods full of cancer causing additives, MSG and its euphemisms, and now Monsanto’s neotame, which is way worse than aspartame, and GMOs, all not requiring labeling.

So, for processed foods we have the option of reading labels. We know if soy, corn, and cotton products do not say they are organic or non-GMO there is a 95% chance of them being genetically modified. Organic canola is a complete farce since it is impossible to make an industrial solvent organic.

But what about the foods that there is neither labeling on nor any indication what those with a face and a mother were fed?

Let’s start with a cow. A cow is naturally a vegetarian. Yet, to save money, the cow is fed the dead, dying, diseased and decayed flesh of the other animals that cannot be sold, as well as road kill.

What do you think happens to a vegetarian cow that is forced to consume flesh? Hello mad cow disease!

Did you know that 80% of the meat eaten in America comes from animals that are fed medicated feed for all or most of their lives?

Since the nature of a dead body is to rot, did you ever wonder why when you walk into a supermarket you are not bowled over by the stench or the flesh foods are not grey or green instead of being rosy red?

It’s because they are pumped so full of chemicals to preserve, to color, to “texture” and to give it a taste that won’t make you throw-up.

Because the stockyards are so filthy and over-crowded, antibiotics are routinely given to the cows to protect them from the rampant diseases therein.

And I’ll bet you didn’t know that because the feed grain is so religiously pre-doctored with antibiotics, that if a farmer wants it without the additives he has to special order it a much higher price.

What kinds of chemicals and antibiotics you ask?

Some of the antibiotics are chlortetracycline, arsanilic acid, phenothiazine, phthalysulfacetamide, oxytetracycline, dimetridazole, ethylenediamineedihydriode, terramycin, bacitracin, hygromycin B, neomycin, aureo 250, streptomycin and sulfonamides.

Then there are the growth promoters and hormones like diethylstilbestrol, melengestrol acetate, zaranol, arsenic, progesterone, testosterone propianate, furazolidone, tylosin phosphate, tri-p-anisolcholerorhtylene and dienestrol diacetate.

There are also tranquilizers like promazine, reserpine, and zinc bacitracin. And let’s not forget the post-mortem additives like sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, sodium sulphite and sodium nicotinate.

May I ask a serious question: if you cannot pronounce most of the above, why in the world would you eat them?

To really put into perspective why all these destructive chemicals to YOUR health are added to the flesh you eat, you have to understand that the so-called farm is nothing more than a moneymaking, food production, whorehouse.

What happens before these creatures are slaughtered is inhumane and criminal. They are crowded into feedlots where they are again loaded up with hormones and tranquilizers so their weight can more than double in a few months to bring in more money. Lifespan? A year and a half.

Ok, so now you’re ready to switch to poultry. Think again! These guys are raised in artificially lighted factories to keep them laying eggs constantly and fed arsenic to make them grow faster.

The chickens, before they are “wrapped for selling” are dipped in a bath to cleanse them. To compensate for that bath containing enormous amounts of pus, peepee and doodoo the USDA says that if you cannot see the doodoo through the clear wrap it’s ok to sell it.

Sit back for a moment, close you eyes and try to picture 10 million chickens crammed into warehouses where each bird lives in a space the size of a piece of typing paper. Oh yeah, the turkeys are so full of this crap that they grow so fast and big that they literally cannot stand up.

But don’t worry, the fish, including salmon, are good providers of protein and omega-3s. Who cares if they come with a supply of PCBs, toxic waste, mercury and nuclear pollution aka radiation?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, pesticide contamination of our meat supply is epidemic. When the animal eats the chemicals guess where it is stored? In their muscles. Guess what you eat? Their muscles.

We all know to try to buy as much organic produce as possible to minimize our pesticide intake. But animals contain as much as fourteen times more pesticides than fruits, vegetables and grains.

Even though DDT has been banned, it is virtually in every species of animal life on the planet. Yet, the PCBs are worse because they are virtually indestructible and remain in animal and fish tissue longer than DDT.

You know what you experience when you think you are in danger? Your blood rushes and your adrenaline escalates.

Animals are no different. Just before and during the horror of death the animal’s adrenaline, which is a strong stimulant that raises blood pressure, pours through its body.

It’s kind of natural when you know that someone is gonna slit your throat or dive a stake through your head. What’s not natural is that all those hyper hormones stay in the body after slaughter and then pass on to you when you eat whatever part of the corpse.

Normally, during life, the body is washed by the blood, which carries waste to the liver, kidneys, and skin to be eliminated. When the heart stops beating the cleansing process stops and leaves all the toxic waste in the carcass and the wastes are not eliminated when the animal is bled before chopped into little pieces.

And yet we wonder why we get cancer, heart disease, arthritis, stroke, constipation, erectile dysfunction, and suffer from high anxiety.

So, what are your choices? Roll the dice and hope you can last a few more years before the bottom falls out, or cut your losses and start to eat as clean and organic as possible.

If it had a face or a mother it will be contaminated; dairy products are loaded with unlabeled antibiotics, growth hormones, and the pus from the cow’s infected utters; chickens and turkeys cannot stand up due to rapid growth enhancers that make them weigh more and make them become top heavy to bring in more bucks; and eggs contain so much more protein than the human body can tolerate putting enormous stress on the kidneys.

Please let your intelligence override the tongue’s endless quest for sense gratification and in time it will get used to the new taste and never want to go back.

It’s your call!


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