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Fighting Acute Disease

So, when acute disease enters the body, what does it do?

FEVER increases the body’s metabolic rate and circulation of blood and lymph, thereby speeding the removal of toxins from the body and sending nutrition to the diseased areas. The increased circulation also acts as a carrier for the body’s more complicated defenses like the white blood cells and the antibodies. Fever also creates a less favorable environment for bacteria or viruses, which generally have a very narrow temperature range for optimal growth. As fever increases, these organisms begin to die faster than they can produce.

SWEATING carries toxins out of the system through the skin. It also helps keep the rising temperature within a range that will not endanger the long-term health of the body.

MUCOUS SECRETIONS also remove toxic material from the body. Cells of some mucous membranes protect against invasion by the action of the tiny cilia that move particles of foreign matter and debris toward the nearest exit. These cilia are stimulated by external irritants, bacteria, viruses, or internal toxins.

INFLAMMATION, SWELLING AND EDEMA are actions by the body to localize a problem. Inflammation indicates a local increase in metabolic activity with increased blood and lymph supply, and an increased capillary supply to help in the transport of blood-born defenses. Edema, or fluid accumulation, aids in diluting and undesirable, toxic, or irritating substance.

LOCAL INFECTION results from breakdown of vital tissues into waste matter, which provides a suitable environment for bacterial spread until the body’s forces can remove the waste material. The reduced vitality occurs first, the infection is secondary. Boils, acne and other local infections can also be the result of an inner cleansing process.

DIARRHEA AND VOMITING are obvious attempts by the body to rid itself of toxic substances. Local irritants can initiate this action as well as toxins in the system.

PAIN is a natural mechanism by which the body draws attention to a problem area. Pain indicates that the problem can no longer be tolerated and that ignoring it further could have serious ramifications.

SNEEZING AND COUGHING are major attempts by the body to rid the respiratory system of irritants and toxins. The coughing up of mucus can reduce the spread of infection by preventing dead material for stagnating, and can also help prevent blockage of smaller respiratory passageways. Sneezing effectively rids the upper respiratory passages of particles and irritants.

So, all these acute symptoms of disease are in fact the result of an intelligent action by the body to reestablish equilibrium and positive health. As such they are corrective and eliminative and should not be suppressed.

What is commonly called acute disease is really the result of nature’s efforts to eliminate waste matter or poisons from the body and to repair injured tissues. If some acute condition is not allowed to run its natural course, or is treated with suppressive methods and therefore not allowed to fulfill its intended function of elimination, then eventually chronic disease will result.

And trust me, you don’t want that. The chronic disease condition is much more permanent and involves radical changes in the body’s structures and chemistry.



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