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Fibroids: The Condition Every Woman Should Know About

Shrink Fibroids Naturally

The incidence of fibroids among women is ever increasing. However, people are learning how to shrink fibroids naturally and this is becoming a viable alternative to conventional drug therapy.

Fibroids is among the most common benign tumors affecting women today, diagnosed in women as early as in their 20s and is a leading cause of hysterectomies in the United States. While drugs do exist that help alleviate the symptoms experienced due to fibroids, these drugs do not treat the underlying condition.

A greater level of emphasis is being placed on making dietary modifications to lower one’s risk of developing fibroids in the future. Women should know that certain foods can actually increase an individual’s risk of acquiring fibroids.

To lower one’s risk of fibroids, women should avoid estrogenic foods whenever possible or consume them in strict moderation.   Among the most popular estrogenic foods on the market today are soy products (soy beans, tofu, soy milk, soy protein powder). The following video on how to shrink fibroids naturally explains this in more detail.

Other than estrogenic foods, women should also be mindful of their environment to reduce their risk of acquiring fibroids. BPA plastic bottles are a source of chemicals called “xenoestrogens,” which mimic the function of estrogen once ingested in the body.

An increased estrogen load in the body has been linked to increased growth of fibroid tumors and, for this reason, women should take measures to reduce their exposure to estrogen by consuming a diet low in estrogenic foods and by avoiding water from BPA plastic bottles whenever possible.

Leaving BPA plastic bottles out in the sun will facilitate the leeching of these xenoestrogens from the plastic of the bottle into the water. Effort should be made to keep such bottles away from heat whenever possible to prevent this from occurring.

Several years ago the National Institute of Health (NIH) released a study performed on rats that showed a connection between vitamin D exposure and the shrinking of fibroid tumors in those rats. This finding suggests how important it is that women get enough vitamin D on a daily basis to mitigate their risk of acquiring fibroid tumors.

The so-called “sunshine vitamin” has innumerable roles in the body that are essential for maintaining proper health and, as the NIH study reveals, also plays an important role in fighting tumors. Other than consuming foods rich in vitamin D, women should make it a point to get some sunshine every day to reduce their risk for fibroids.

As we are moving forward in time it is becoming apparent now more than ever that the choices we make every day are either increasing or decreasing our risk of acquiring health complications in the future. It is imperative that we take responsibility for our own health and take the necessary action to prevent them from occurring.

Considering that fibroids is among the most common conditions plaguing women today, women should be especially mindful of what foods they put into their bodies and should be aware of any environmental sources of estrogen they may be exposed to.  Doing so will not only lessen the severity of symptoms associated with any existing fibroids, but will also decrease the risk of developing more fibroid tumors in the future.


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Morris is a health enthusiast and an advocate of natural health. He has a passion for holistic medicine and has done extensive study in the sector of women’s health, in particular. Morris advocates a natural approach to dealing with chronic conditions by addressing the underlying cause as opposed to treating the symptoms. For women suffering from fibroids, he encourages that they treat their fibroids naturally and recommends watching this Youtube Channel. For tips on how to shrink fibroids naturally, you may visit the channel’s associated website or simply go to

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