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External Factors that Can Have a Negative Effect on Your Sleep Pattern

Sleeping patterns are unique to each person, and factors that affect one person may have a different effect on someone else. Many times these external factors can be manipulated in order to be provide an environment that is conducive to getting a good night’s sleep, and some of these are things that can be changed quickly, with very little extra effort.


It has been said that a cool bedroom is the best environment for sleep, because it replicates the core body temperature as it falls. Warmer environments can lead to a night of disturbed sleep with multiple awakenings, leading to interference with the REM sleep. The temperature that the person feels will be affected by what they are wearing, the material of their covers, and the changing temperature of the person sleeping.


A quiet environment is generally the most preferred for anyone trying to sleep. Some people may find comfort in familiar noises as they are falling asleep. White noise machines can be purchased to supplement any noise for those that prefer it.


A good quality mattress makes all the difference in sleeping patterns. Old mattresses will cause more disturbance in sleep, causing you to feel irritable and tired. Mattresses absorb moisture and cells from skin over their lifetime, making it an environment that can harbor mites. It is vital to clean mattresses and bedding regularly, and mattresses themselves should be changed about every 8 to 10 years, ensuring that the sleeping environment remains clean and healthy.


Many people favor a dark room when falling asleep, but it has been said that natural light in the morning can help to wake you up feeling more alert. This is because it mimics dawn, along with the natural process of awakening.


Electronic devices hinder a good night’s sleep, so getting rid of them in the bedroom would be ideal. Even watching television takes away from valuable time that could be spent sleeping. Extra clutter in the bedroom will bring the cutter into your mind, so take care to remove it all.


Nicotine, alcohol, and caffeine are all stimulants that will prevent a good night’s sleep. When these are cut out, the body may relax quicker and get ready for the night.


Napping during the day will impact sleep patterns at night. If napping must happen, it is advised to nap for no longer than an hour.

Eating and Drinking

It is suggested to never go to bed on a full stomach as the body will still be digesting the food. At the same time, going to bed hungry is also not advised. To avoid waking up to urinate at night, aim to quit consuming liquids an hour before going to bed.


Having a bath is thought to decrease the body’s temperature, resulting in a relaxing and calming effect. This is helpful when sleep seems to be elusive.

Awake or Sleepy

Go to bed only when you are tired. Laying in bed trying to sleep when you are not tired will only stress you out. Try to read for 15 minutes to relax the mind and take the pressure away.


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