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Eating the muscle of a creature is a health destroying habit

Right now you are probably saying that you don’t eat muscles. Well, muscle is a euphemism for flesh, or for anything that had a face or a mother.

When you eat meat or flesh, you are eating the dead carcasses of dead cattle, dead pigs and hogs, dead sheep, dead lambs, dead chickens, dead turkeys, dead fish, and every other creature that has been murdered so it could be put on your plate.

The cows for example, which are vegetarian by nature, are fed the ground up remains of the dead, dying, decaying and diseased cows that are unfit to be killed so you can eat them.

Not only that but they are fed GMOs, growth hormones, antibiotics, and other contaminated grains unfit for human consumption.

The fish are polluted with mercury, toxic wastes that make their way to the ocean, radiation, fluoride, PCBs and oil spill pollutants.

And the poultry is ok to sell, according to the FDA and USDA, as long you can’t see the doo doo through the clear wrap.

That being the case, allow me to give you more yummy info about eating flesh.

Meat is full of toxic chemicals and decaying cell nuclei, contains poisons from the dead animal cell tissue, biological waste and by-products. The meat of dead animal carcasses is full of pesticides from their food sources, and is passed on to you when you eat them.

The blood in the muscles of dead carcasses that you eat is clogged with toxic poisons, animal wastes and impurities.

Pesticide poison residue, percentage wise, is highest in dead meat, dead poultry and dead fish, and is loaded with poison, unhealthy additives and sickening chemicals.

Meat becomes putrefied filth in the human body and should be outlawed for human consumption.

Eating dead poultry is a health hazard. Most dead poultry meat is loaded with the chemical stilbestrol, and can cause cysts, tumors, cancers, fibroids, excessive menstrual pain and bleeding, as well as impotency and sterility.

Maybe if you visited a slaughter house and could at least handle the smell, it might provide incentive to stop consuming it.

Most of the meat producers perpetuate deliberate fraud on the American people by selling their hormone-induced fat for high protein, and chemically doctored putrefying, filthy, putrid, over-ripe black meats, so that the stink of the dead carcasses can be deodorized and then the meat is colored so that it appears fresh and pleasing.

Understand, that the nature of a dead body is to rot and stink. So, how come when you go to the market to by flesh, it is all rosey red and you don’t get bowled over by the horrific stench?

Meats and meat products cannot be completely digested. Because of this your kidneys and other eliminative organs get over worked, which allows uric acid deposits to settle in the body tissues and joints, which causes chronic disease.

Your middle and lower digestive tracts, when elongated, measure around thirty feet. Since you cannot chew the muscle so it blends with the saliva, like what happens with plant-based foods, you swallow it.

It will sit in your body for between four and seven days before you can finally crap it out. Where do you think all those poisons and pollutants go?

By replacing flesh protein in your diet with protein from plant sources, you reduce toxin levels in your body, reduce illness, sickness and disease and live a longer, healthier, happier life.

If you think that flesh is the richest source of protein, dream on. Plants rank much higher in quality and quantity and they provide more than twice the amount of vitamins and minerals than flesh.

A high protein diet of flesh usually causes a decided increase in your appetite, adding unwanted excess weight and is also responsible for damaging, poisonous residues settling in the tissues.

On top of that, excessive protein in the diet from flesh sources definitely causes constipation, over-acidity, body poisoning and reduced strength, which brings about arthritis, heart trouble, kidney malfunction, and so much more.

Except for vitamin B-12, a person can receive all vital nutrients from vegetables and fruits. For vitamin B-12, nutritional yeast flakes, fresh bee pollen and organic sulfur crystals fulfill that.

So, a plant-based diet including peas, beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and whole grains, will provide you with all the food nutrients essential to vibrant health.

The good, clean, highest form of protein that we should be eating is fed to livestock. Then we wind up eating the poisoned, colored, chemicalized, hormonized, putrid, rotting flesh of the dead carcasses.

And yet people wonder why they become ill, sick and diseased.

Muscles are used to build your body strength. If it works for you and it works for the animals, why eat it?



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