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Caution: Your doctor could be a pervert

We know full well that doctors are basically “hookers” for big pHarma or the surgery racket. What else would be expected when their medical school curriculum is paid for by the “drug dealers”?

Now, through an investigation by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it has been discovered that most MDs are sex perverts preying on their female patients.

Analyzing more than 100,000 medical board orders that relate to disciplinary actions against doctors since 1999, the MDs are a close second to the Catholic Church pedophiles.

More than 3,100 doctors were sanctioned after being accused of sexual misconduct and 2,400 of the doctors had taken advantage of their patients, yet half of them still have active medical licenses.

Believe it or not, these cases represent only the tip of the iceberg of doctors sexually abusing their patients. Why? Because the state regulators and hospitals handle these perverts in secret, and because some public orders are so vague and misleading that a patient would have no idea that a sexual offense occurred.

What’s worse, is that even though the medical, if you’ll pardon the expression, “profession” condemns sexual misconduct and they say that “consent” is no defense, yet they continually look the other way so the public never gets word about it.

Sixteen years of public records showed showed all types of doctors were perverts: psychiatrists that seduced the emotionally fragile; family practitioners fondling minors; anesthesiologists molesting those sedated; and obstetricians raping women that came to them for care.

The perverts were not just low-life MDs. They were some of the country’s most admired and accomplished physicians, including an unnamed team doctor for a professional basketball franchise, the president of a national medical society, and those renowned for pioneering research.

Some of their actions ranged from sexual comments to patients while being groped during an exam, to rapes of mentally and physically disabled patients with some of these perverts having been among the nation’s worst sexual predators, with hundreds of victims over decades.

It was also learned that sexual misconduct has been tolerated in all the states, because the physician-dominated medical boards always give the perverts second chances, the hospitals do not report patient complaints, and the prosecutors dismiss or reduce charges so the pervert can stay off the sex-offender registries.

What’s worse is that the perverts that molest their patients or subject them to bizarre exams so they can get their rocks off, are seen as people who need sympathy and in need of therapy, rather than those who should go to prison and get it where the sun doesn’t shine on a daily basis. Yet, after going to recovery centers, it’s business as usual.

In Georgia, it was found that two-thirds of the perverts publically disciplined, after allegations of sexual misconduct, were allowed to practice again. The same held true for Kansas. In Alabama, it was nearly 3 out of every 4, and in Minnesota, 4 out of every 5.

What’s even more incredible, is that Larry Dixon, the longtime executive director of the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners, said it is wrong to believe that all physicians who engage in sexual misconduct should automatically be barred from practicing.

He also said, “If you graduate a class of more than 100 people out of the University of Alabama medical school, the resources that have been poured into that education almost demand that you try to salvage that physician, if it’s possible.

Vann Craig, the former executive director of the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure, said that it takes a lot of money to educate a physician. “If they can be safely monitored and rehabilitated, I don’t see why they can’t come back from drugs, alcohol or sexual misconduct.”

What this boils down to is simple. The pharmaceutical industry spends lots of money creating a “hooker” and wants to make sure that their “hooker” services lots of “tricks.” If they take a walk on the wild side every once and a while, so be it. The important thing is being able to sell more drugs and surgeries.

In many of the cases involved, the abuse continued for years because the victims said nothing due to confusion, embarrassment, or the fear that they would not be believed over the word of a God-like physician.

It was also found that only 11 states require medical authorities to tell law enforcement when pervert doctors have sexually violated their adult patients. But what about their non-adult patients?

Walk softly into their offices but carry a 45!


Sources: Doctors & Sexual Abuse

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