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Baby Cows grown in tiny crates in Florida: You can help stop this horrific practice

We are finally making strides in reducing animal cruelty in the world. The Ringling Brothers removing elephants from their show and Sea World finally ending the killer whale programs. However, their is a practice still being used with baby cows grown in tiny crates that is absolutely unacceptable and we need your help!

Despite intense public outcry, hundreds of thousands of calves raised for veal are confined in individual crates too narrow for them even to turn around. Tied by their necks to restrict their movement, they’re totally immobilized for their very short 16-week long lives.

Even the American Veterinary Medical Association says that calves should be able to turn around and the American Veal Association—the veal industry’s trade group—”recommends that the entire veal industry convert to the group housing methodology.”

I received this message in my Inbox from Change.org:

Veal, the name given to meat from a baby cow, has gained a lot of negative attention over the years. One of the main reasons for this is veal crates, small enclosures that calves are forced to dwell in for the entirety of their 16-week lives. These crates are so narrow that the calves cannot even turn around. If that isn’t bad enough, calves in Florida are often kept in crates outside, under the blistering sun. Veal crates are inhumane and should be banned.

Many organizations have recommend that the entire veal industry should convert to the group housing methodology — keeping calves together for their short lives. Even Randy Strauss, the CEO of the nation’s largest veal producer, calls veal crates “inhumane and archaic,” acknowledging that they “do nothing more than subject a calf to stress, fear, physical harm and pain.”

Too many states still allow veal crates, and Florida is one of the biggest. Arizona, California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Ohio, and Rhode Island have already stepped up and banned veal crates. Let’s tell Florida it’s time to do the same.Help put an end to this inhumane practice by signing this petition to ban veal crates in Florida and stop baby cows grown in tiny crates. 

So I’d ask you to sign this petition and help us stop this practice. You can make a difference. You can also make a difference by educating yourself and not buying veal. Retailers such as Wolfgang Puck and Bon Appétit no longer serve veal from calves confined in crates. Strauss Veal (the largest U.S. veal producer) and Marcho Farms have both converted their veal operations to crate-free housing.

The Humane Society offers materials that make it easier for consumers to avoid supporting veal crates—and that’s one of the ways you can help! Some include their guide to meat and dairy labels, our list of dairy-free and delicious products, and dozens of delicious, humane recipes.

Sandy J. Duncan is an author, health and wellness coach, freelance writer, Mompreneur of 5 teenagers and her blogs include AllNaturalHealthReviews.org and Got-Oils.com.

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