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Austin: Get Paid To Keep Backyard Chickens

In some places keeping chickens in your backyard is prohibited within the city limits. Having chickens in places with limits could mean fines and court costs, similar to what happened to Jennifer-Webb of Lorain City, Ohio, who paid $10 for each chicken and also $110 in court fees.

It’s All Clucking In Texas

Texas is one of the lucky cities where you are not only able to keep chickens, they pay you for it. Yes, that’s right, they pay you. It is all part of their Resource Recovery Home Composting Rebate Program – who’s goal is to reach zero waste by removing recyclable waste from the landfills, one way is of course the use of chickens.

The people of Austin will get free chicken keeping classes and they are also able to claim a $75 rebate for the chicken coop they buy, which is very handy since this is how much they cost.

Change The Law In Your City

If you have always had an interest of keeping chickens yet your city does not allow them. Gather your community together such as farmers, community gardeners, animal rights groups and environmental groups. Go to city council meetings and speak out, the more people the better it will look and the more they will hear to the views presented. You can use other cities as an example to follow off, Austin is a great one there are also more such as Madison, Wisconsin and Seattle, just to name a few.

The most important thing is to explain the benefits of keeping backyard chickens.

The Benefits Of Backyard Chickens

  • Recycle food waste and keep it to a minimum by feeding the flock
  • The eggs are much healthier to us and much better tasting
  • Make your own high quality fertilizer for the garden and vegetable patches
  • Chickens are a natural bug control, they also get rid of ticks
  • They also make fantastic pets

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