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Are Food Supplements Necessary?

In England, one in five adults and one in ten children occasionally consume dietary supplements or vitamins and minerals in the form of medicines. But are we sure they are safe?


No, they are not necessarily. And fortunately, because a balanced diet makes it possible to bring the essential nutrients necessary to cover our nutritional needs. In fact, deficits and nutrient deficiencies may only involve a few micronutrients (vitamin D, magnesium, calcium etc) and some people in special situations (pregnant women, nursing or elderly) may require supplements on the advice of a health professional.

The ANSES (National Agency for National Sanitary Food Safety) regularly receives complaints of undesirable effects related to these products:

Slimming food supplements
Dietary supplements to lower cholesterol
Food supplements for hair care


Two causes are that sales of dietary supplements are on the rise: firstly the overweight problem, more and more important the cult of thinness propagated by the worlds of fashion and advertising. So we’re trying to lose weight easily and effectively, but is it really safe?

Fat burners: They are everywhere (in pharmacies and on the internet) but are not always controlled by the health authorities. These products often contain caffeine, presented as speeding up the metabolism of fat and can have consequences at the cardiovascular level.

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The cuts suppressant: Many anorexics have been withdrawn from the market (e.g. pick), but the pharmaceutical, fond of big profits, constantly launching new products, despite the validation of the European Commission that they are not safe. France, for example, was very hostile to the marketing of the “Mysimba” which was nevertheless put on the market. Restrictions of use are very numerous especially in people with hypertension and cardiac, hence the risk to the health of consumers.

Laxatives and diuretics: Diuretics which is also called water pills, removes the excess water from body. Consumption of water pills can cause swelling and bloating. These pills are prescribed for those suffering from serious illness like kidney problems and heart failure. Since, a doctor prescription is not required to buy these pills, many people use diuretics for the purpose of losing weight which may cause devastating side effects.

Some people are unable to satiate their food appetite and hence purchase drugs like “Laxatives“. However, the users of these drugs are unaware of the fact that Laxatives affect the large intestine or portion of the bowel responsible for elimination. This medicine does not affect the small intestine which is responsible for calorie absorption and contribution of weight gain.

Apart from these supplements, umpteen people go for protein powder that is vegan friendly. If you want to lose weight or gain weight in a sustainable and progressive way, it is best to go to a doctor or dietitian. On advice from a health professional, you can take dietary supplements (if you are deficient), but pay attention to:

– Avoid prolonged, repeated or multiple intakes during the year
– Report any adverse effects to a healthcare provider as a result of consuming a dietary supplement.


Author Bio – Jane Smith is a fitness freak and loves playing with her two super-cute cats. She is passionate about healthy living, oral hygiene and takes protein powder that is vegan friendly.

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