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Another medical idiot abounds

On Wednesday, January 11, 2017, The Press of Atlantic City, in an article written by staff writer Nicole Leonard entitled. “NJ: Doctor gave bad vaccines knowingly”, elaborated about a NJ physician doing just that. Here’s the article:

The state says the doctor involved in the Ocean County case of faulty vaccines may (of course the door has to be left open in case a mistake in reporting was made) have knowingly given children compromised vaccines designed to protect against mumps, measles, chickenpox and other diseases.

New Jersey Attorney General Christopher S. Porrino submitted a complaint Monday to the state Board of Medical Examiners against Dr. Michael Bleiman of Southern Ocean Pediatrics and Family Medicine in Manahawkin, alleging he committed fraud, gross negligence and misconduct in administering child vaccinations.

A request for comment from Bleiman’s practice was not returned Tuesday (duh!).

The state Department of Health issued a warning Monday that 900 children were given possibly (keep that door open just in case) faulty vaccines at the practice between November 2014 and July 28, 2016, because they were stored at improper temperatures, reducing their effectiveness.

The affected vaccines were given through Vaccines for Children, a federally funded program that provides free or low-cost vaccines to eligible children in New Jersey.

Health inspectors on July 28th found Bleiman’s practice has 280 vaccines stored at incorrect temperatures.

Inspectors quarantined the vaccines at the Manahawkin practice and told Bleiman not to use them until they were proved effective, authorities said. The state alleges he gave patients the vaccines anyway (280 vaccines are too much profit to lose).

And the same day, Bleiman accepted a new shipment of an additional 335 doses (and the profits go up, up, up). Health officials advised the practice to store the new vaccines at acceptable temperature (at least we did our job by telling him).

Southern Ocean Pediatrics submitted temperature data to the state-run Vaccines for Children program that indicated they were still experiencing storage issues, authorities said.

From July 28 to Oct. 24, the state found Bleiman’s practice gave 38 children compromised vaccines, including the ones that were supposed to remain quarantined, authorities allege.

State VFC program staff removed all possibly compromised and ineffective vaccines from the office.

Privately purchased vaccines that were covered by insurance were kept in a separate storage unit, the Department of Health said. The department said Vaccines for Children health inspectors didn’t have access to those vaccines.

Meanwhile, Porrino’s complaint calls to suspend or revoke Bleiman’s medical license following a hearing. It also considered charging Bleiman with civil penalties, fees and restitution.

The possibly ineffective vaccines do not pose any health dangers to the children who received them, but health officials said those children might not be fully protected against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Not all children impacted by the faulty vaccines will need to be revaccinated, health officials said.

Children may be able to get blood tests called titers to determine whether the vaccines were effective, but tests are not available for all diseases. Some children may need to get new vaccines.

Department of Health officials said it is not recommending that affected children be excluded from school and will leave revaccination decisions to parents, guardians and their health care providers.

(Why can’t people realize that the body knows how to heal itself? Unfortunately, it all starts by putting unleaded fuel in the gas tank, but the large food companies, big pHarma, and the medical community want that kept a secret. Why? Because the thought of losing profits at the expense of keeping people healthy is a big no-no!)


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