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Acne: Sure-fire Ways to Help Get Rid of This Frustrating and Pervasive Skin Issue

When a breakout happens, you may want to rid your skin of the offensive pimples, and fast. There are many products on the market that claim to do this, but not all are as effective and “safe” as advertised. For those who want to get rid of this frustrating and pervasive skin issue, any of the following measures can help to achieve this goal.


The body heals best when a person is asleep, and acne is no exception. For a teenager, 10 hours of sleep a night is necessary. Adults can make do with 8 hours. When your body is at rest, its healing powers are at its best, so be sure to get in the recommended amounts of sleep.

Eat Healthy

Everyone has heard that eating chocolate bars and drinking soda cause acne. As do oily chips and fast food. Keeping the body free of these toxins will help to keep it free of acne. Healthy digestion is important to keep breakouts from flourishing, and regular bowel movements also help to dispel any toxins that are already present, which can actually help to keep the skin clear.

Milk of Magnesia

MOM is an inexpensive way to conceal the redness of a pimple, as well as relieving any inflammation. Of course, it is light in color, so if a person has darker skin, this product will be quite noticeable, and may not be the best solution.

Medicinal Clay

Also called “mud”, these sterile packs can be purchased to help rid the face of acne. They are also inexpensive and easy to use. Some companies add in botanical essences, alcohol, or other ingredients that may irritate the skin, so be sure to watch out for these other ingredients. All that should be included in your mud pack is mud. Additionally, any type that heats the skin should also be avoided, as this will cause further breakouts.

Tea Tree Oil

The branches and leaves of a tea tree are known to have healing properties, and are distilled to create this useful oil. Tea tree oil can kill staph bacteria, acne bacteria, and help to reduce the redness in a pimple in a matter of days. Be sure to purchase a product containing a minimum of 10% tea tree oil, though, because any less will have no effect. Pure tea tree oil is the best option, and can be applied directly to a pimple with a clean cotton swab or pad.

Benzoyl Peroxide

For those who really want to know how to get rid of acne fast, this solution is a good option. Benzoin allows the blue rays of visible light to kill the more sensitive acne bacteria. Hydrogen peroxide will dissolve the acne bacteria’s cell membranes. It is so effective that it not only kills the bacteria that causes acne, but also helps to loosen the harder oils that can create black or whiteheads. To be sure this solution will have no ill effects, start with a milder concentration of 2.5% or less, preferably in a gel. Test it out on a forearm, and wait a minimum of 8 hours to be sure there will be no irritation before applying it to the face. Benzoyl Peroxide is best for reducing acne on the back, where the skin is tougher and requires a stronger solution.


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