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Acne Awareness: Hidden Triggers Behind Your Facial Outbreaks

Acne is an issue that is usually associated with teenagers hitting puberty, but in reality, those changes in hormones are not the true cause. Since acne can plague a person throughout their lives, it is far better to discover the actual causes than to ignore the problem, or hide it with concealers that create more outbreaks.

What Causes Acne

To identify what causes acne, the first step is to look around the house, as most of the products that cause acne can be found in a person’s own home.


Prescriptions that contain any type of steroid, such as cortisone or prednisone, can cause acne. Also, some forms of iodine, as well as lithium and lithium chloride also have side effects that affect a person’s skin. If there are concerns about this issue, speak with a doctor.


Some types of makeup, creams and lotions contain mineral oils, which can clog pores and cause acne. Oil-free brands, which are labeled as non-comedogenic, won’t clog pores, nor will they strip the skin of its natural nutrients and moisture. Washing the face and neck free of all makeup every night with exfoliating pads or wipes will help keep the skin acne free.

Food Allergies

Sometimes acne is not caused by an outside source, but rather what is being put into the body. It can be a negative reaction to a certain type of food, which the use of antibiotics will help temporarily, but cleansers will have no effect on. And it will always return, as long as the offending food item is continued to be ingested. An allergy test can help to discover what the issue really is, and when the food is eliminated from a person’s diet, the outbreaks will most likely clear up.


Though dandruff and acne seem like unrelated issues, dandruff can actually be a cause of acne, by the formation of tiny pimples along the line of the scalp. The use of dandruff shampoo can help to clear up both issues.

Cell Phones

Everyone who has a smartphone has noticed the smear of oil on it after they make a call. This buildup of bacteria and dirt can then be transferred back onto a person’s skin, causing acne on the cheeks, chin and mouth area. Daily phone cleaning with alcohol or cleansing wipes can help prevent this problem.


As needed as sunscreen is when venturing outside on sunny days, many of them contain dyes, perfumes or alcohol, which can irritate the skin. Those containing zinc oxide are also a much better option than those that use titanium dioxide.

Yoga Mats

Using yoga mats at a class that provides them for everyone means using a mat that countless people have used before. Even if using a personal mat that no one else has used, it still means a collection of bacteria and sweat that is repeatedly being rubbed back onto the face and body.  Placing a clean towel over the mat is the best solution.

Face Touching

When touching the face, anything a person has touched before is then transferred onto it. Contact acne can appear anywhere a person applies repeated or lengthy pressure on the skin. Keep hands, phones, or anything else covered in bacteria away from the face to prevent this issue.


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