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Acne: 4 Tips To Help You Fight Against It

Antibiotics, isotretinoin, creams or whatever other methods you use, you probably know that there are many treatments available that eliminate acne quite drastically. But all these treatments are not necessarily the only solution to remove acne.

Wash Your Skin with Care

Washing skin is essential when you have an acne-prone skin. The washing makes it possible to get rid the skin of impurities and prevents blocking of pores responsible for the acne. However, acne skin does not cleanse itself by any means.

First, we must avoid washing the skin too often: our skin is very sensitive. The more it is cleaned, the more fragile it becomes. One or two washes per day are sufficient. Also, if your skin is sensitive in addition to acne, it is better for you not to use too aggressive cleansers.

One of the most important points to remember about the cleansing of the skin is that it is not advisable to wash the skin with the tap water: too much calcium and chlorine present in the tap water can sometimes dry your skin.

Make-up: Go for non-comedogenic products

We do not often think about it, but the makeup is an important element in the fight against pimples. Indeed, the makeup that you buy in supermarkets is often bad for the skin. Most of the time, it is not made for skin related problem and is comedogenic. For those who wish to hide their acne with makeup is a bad thing.

If you want to put foundation on your face without showing your acne, you must choose your product well. It is better for you to opt for non-comedogenic foundations which give the balance to acne-prone skin.

Drink plenty of water

The water has no taste, and yet, water is the most natural, and best for our bodies, and to our skin.

Indeed, drinking water helps rid the body of all the toxins that are trying to find ways out, for example through our skin. Drinking cold drink or a sweetened drink is equivalent to filling our bodies with dirt that will only harm our skin and body.

So between the cold drinks and the water, you now know what to choose.

Dust: it is acne’s friend

Sheets, pillows: everything around us is full of dust and bacteria. It is therefore necessary to change often your bedding. This will allow you to reduce the inflammation causing pimples.

Another very important element that we tend to forget: the computer keyboard! It easily catches dust. And knowing that we use it daily, our fingers find themselves full of dirt (which we surely do not see with the naked eye!). It is therefore necessary to be vigilant and clean it regularly.

In general, it is best to wash your hands if they need to get in touch with your face such as before washing your face. To take maximum precautions, always carry with you an antibacterial gel for hands or the wipes.

Author Bio – Jane Smith is a fitness freak and loves playing with her two super-cute cats. She is passionate about healthy living, oral hygiene and always uses organic skincare products for her skin.

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