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A hidden agenda of abortion

Different people identify themselves in different ways and according to how they identify themselves, they see a different purpose in life.

For instance, the vast majority of people identify themselves to be the body. They believe, “I am matter and that’s my identity.” And what would be the purpose of their existence? To enjoy.

Enjoying not only sensual pleasures but also feelings, sentiments, intellectual stimulation or even pseudo-spiritual pleasures, which are all centered around themselves. This is what most people in the world today perceive as their purpose in life.

Now this isn’t just philosophy in the sense that it has very practical effects in many, many different fields. For instance, people’s materialistic viewpoint – the way people identify themselves as the body and the way that they perceive the purpose of life as sense enjoyment – serves as the springboard of various social problems. So, lets just take one social issue – abortion.

Abortion is one very obvious, external activity with far-reaching social consequences and which has so much to do with real life. Abortion is actually an offshoot or result of people’s perceiving the purpose of life in a particular way. That being that the goal of life in individual sense enjoyment.

There are all kinds of arguments but let’s just look at a couple. Say a child has a physical deformity and in today’s day and age, doctors are able to detect deformities in the child while still in the womb.

So, people who see the purpose of life as being sense enjoyment should logically kill the kid. Why? Because having such a child will get in the way of their individual enjoyment. They would feel that all the extra time and care devoted to the kid could be an embarrassment to them. Imagine what would happen if their friends came over and saw such a child with a deformed face or body? They might feel funny and might not want to visit them anymore and then they would lose them as friends.

The point is that if the kid gets in the way of their enjoyment it might be better to kill it asap. Even in cases where the child in the womb has no physical deformities and is quite healthy, people opt out to kill it because that child will get in the way of their enjoyment. They feel that they won’t be able to go out and enjoy as often as they want to because they would have to care for the child.

So, rationalizations come into play. “If we have this baby he’ll be unwanted and won’t be happy in life.” Or, “we’re not going to love him as much and this will hurt him.” Or, “he won’t be able to to enjoy life so much because he’d get depressed having all these feelings that his mother and father don’t love him so for his sake it’s best to kill him. We don’t care for ourselves, but we’re simply thinking of the CHILD! How would you like to be unwanted?”

But the fact is that most of feel unwanted because not everybody wants everybody. For example, you’re in a crowded beach resort during the summer and you wish all those people weren’t there. Or, you’re driving during rush hour in bumper to bumper traffic and you hate all the people in the cars. No matter what, we always experience that people don’t want people in one way or another.

If we accept the reasoning that unwantedness is a valid excuse for abortion, then we should all be killed because we must be suffering so much because we’re also unwanted.

This basically is the stage where materialistic societies are coming to. Their whole platform in life is that the purpose of existence is enjoyment and unwanted people will not be able to enjoy themselves and will have no real reason to exist. Kind of sounds like the philosophy of Bill Gates and the Rockefellers.

Somehow or another, the conclusion arrived at is that letting such unwanted people continue existing is really mean and cruel and the starting point is the kid in the womb who should be killed because they’re not wanted.

Why not take that logic a bit further and apply it to the kids that are one or two years old? Hell, if they’re not wanted shouldn’t they be killed? It’s the same stupid logic so what’s the difference? The justification is if a person is not wanted shouldn’t they be liquidated for their own good?

Today, this idea is on the front burner especially in connection with abortion and the euthanasia of old people. Old people are also unwanted because they get in the way at home and become a burden to the people they live with. Watching TV is really hard with them coughing all the time, or when there are houseguests and they hobble around and ruin the whole lively spirit of enjoyment, or if there’s a party going on and grandpa rolls in on his wheelchair in his pajamas and drooling. Oh, the embarrassment. And then the fact that they can’t go to the bathroom by themselves and the have to be waited on continually.

In the US and other affluent nations, people are gradually edging out the aged into old age homes. And as soon as that happens they feel relief. But, that’s short lived as soon as the bills for the old age homes start rolling in. Then the search for the “demise” pill starts.

Who else can we target? What about crippled people or blind people or autistic people? What value to society do they have? None! So, let’s get rid of them and we can enjoy more.

In animal breeding it’s called culling. Simply eliminate the animals with poor traits and breed those with the desired traits. Now, they want to “cull” humans and it goes on every day.

Some people think, if you ain’t white, you ain’t right. The Americans don’t want the Russians and the Russians don’t want the Americans. The Chinese don’t want the Vietnamese and the North Koreans don’t want the South Koreans. So, they kill who they don’t want.

They don’t see a child in the womb or an old person or a crippled person as a living entity and the certainly do not see them as children of God who should be respected and loved. Rather, they see and judge them on the basis of their use – whether or not I or society can utilize them for the purpose of sense gratification.

Personally, I couldn’t care less if nobody wanted me or if everybody hated my guts. As long as I can please God, as long as God is pleased with me, I really don’t care if I’m unwanted or not. In fact, I’d think something was wrong if everybody wanted me. If everyone wanted me I would feel I was doing something wrong or that I was a diplomat or a politician.

In any case, it is a perverted idea that the purpose in life is enjoyment and that to be to enjoy, I need to be wanted. Such a perverted idea is the cause of so much misery in the world.

The real purpose of life is not individual sense enjoyment. If we understood that we are not the material body but the spiritual living force within the body and we are all children of God, we could appreciate that the real purpose of life is not to seek temporary superficial bodily enjoyment, which is so temporary and unsatisfying, but the real purpose of life is developing our love for God and tasting the joy in serving Him.

The problem is that people are trying to be the Supreme Enjoyer, but they are never joyful. They consider the purpose in life to be enjoying themselves. But, in spite of endeavoring and experiencing so much sensual pleasures in the world, they end up miserable and empty. On the other hand, those who do not see their purpose in life as individual enjoyment but working for the enjoyment of their Best friend, the Supreme person, they alone experience actual joy.

So, a person who is trying to work for his own happiness does not become happy. But a person who is not concerned about his own happiness and is instead concerned with pleasing God, does indeed experience true happiness. So, if you want it, you can’t have it; but if you want the Supreme person to have it, then you have it automatically. It sounds odd and it’s a paradox but it’s true and the evidence is there.

In America, for instance, practically nobody is happy. Oh, there’s a few people who are happy because they have some sort of spiritual happiness. In other words, the people who are happy are happy because they are not concerned with their own happiness but are concerned with pleasing and serving God.

But the vast majority of people who are trying to struggle to enjoy themselves and be the enjoyers are not happy. And the symptoms are there – high suicide rates, a widespread and serious drug problem, including those on legal drugs, etc. The symptoms are there and you can tell a tree by its fruit.

So, now we find millions of children killed in the womb every year simply because of the predominant philosophy of the materialistic way of life determining who lives and who dies. And, who comes to the save the day? Not Mighty Mouse but Planned Parenthood!

But, a person who is God conscious understands that they are a servant of God and so is the child in the womb or the old guy in the wheelchair.

The reason for existence is not to become a worldly scholar or a great politician, scientist, billionaire, or to reap fame and glory. This is not the purpose of life. If it were, then only those people who can become great or who are enjoying material life to the fullest should exist. Then should it follow that those living in the Third World should be killed?

If a person believes that the purpose of life is enjoying the senses, there there could be all kinds of reasons why there should be abortion and other senseless acts. If the purpose of life is sense enjoyment, why not kill the Catholic priests because they are not supposed to be enjoying all these sensual pleasures? Oh, I guess an exception could be made for the pedophile Catholic priests. Abortion and euthanasia has absolutely nothing to really do with achieving the real purpose of life.

The solution to the practical problems such as the killing of babies and old people is not simply legislation although that must be there also, the business of leaders must be to protect the innocent.

More importantly, there must be an actual change in the way we view ourselves and our relation with others and God. We have to experience a change of heart and a change in our view of the purpose of life.

We must understand that we are the spirit soul, part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, and our eternal function and duty is to render loving service to Him, then we can change our relationship with others. Experiencing this truth will enable us to change society’s exploitive nature.

It’s time to clearly see the “driver” of body rather than just the body. Doing this will enable us to realize we are not matter or temporary. The vehicle has a beginning and an end. The driver is eternal. As such, we are not meant to be the center of enjoyment, but our natural function is to render loving service to our Supreme Father. Understanding our real identity will actually serve as the solid foundation for an ideal society which is peaceful, loving and non-exploitive.


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