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8 Ways to Lose Weight and Have Fun Doing It

Whether it’s ten pounds or a hundred, losing weight is not an easy process. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to achieve your fitness goals, especially during times where you just feel like you want to quit. You keep pushing yourself because you know the results will be worth it in the end. But sometimes it’s hard to find that motivation on your own. Follow these tips to switch up your weight loss routine and keep you pumped to tackle your fitness journey everyday.

Don’t Over Work Yourself

It’s a common misconception that you need to work out every single day in order to achieve significant weight loss. In reality, taking rest days are necessary for your muscle fibers to repair themselves. Try following a workout schedule for 3 to 5 times per week. Use your days off to meal prep and de-stress to stay on track.

Switch Up Your Cardio

Instead of just running on the treadmill everyday try a new activity for your cardio sessions. Not only will this keep your workouts fresh and exciting, but the addition of a new sport will help challenge new muscle groups and thus increase the overall fat burning potential of your workout. Try adding one of these unique exercises to your routine:

  • Zumba: a dancing workout to Latin music
  • Video Games: Try out Wii Fit or DanceDanceRevolution
  • Yogilates: A combination of yoga and pilates great for your core
  • TRX Suspension Training: All bodyweight exercises using specially designed suspension ropes which are available at most gyms
  • Capoeira: A Brazilian form of martial arts
  • Ultimate Frisbee: This more intense version of a childhood game will help you break a sweat while having fun
  • Pole Dancing: Let loose and have some fun but prepare yourself for an intense total body strength workout
  • Jump Rope: This playground favorite is actually a killer workout

Plan A Day Out With Friends

Turn your weekly night out having cocktails and late night munchies with the girls into a day out riding bikes across town or trying rock climbing. Include your friends in your weight loss journey. Having them be a part of your healthy lifestyle will make it seem more manageable and enjoyable since you won’t have to feel like you’re sacrificing your old life to achieve your goals.

Get Moving Outdoors

Spending your days inside at the gym or home for a workout followed by all day inside for work can be draining in itself. Add in a few hours outdoors daily to change up the scenery and keep you motivated. Try going on a walk around the neighbourhood before dinner or taking the dog out for a longer walk.

Take Progress Pictures

The best way to know you’re making progress in your weight loss journey is to see it for yourself. Take weekly progress photo to keep you motivated. It’s hard to miss the little changes in your body day to day, but take a look back at where you were a month ago compared to today and the difference will be amazing. Look at how far you’ve come and use that to inspire you to keep pushing forward.

Get New Workout Gear

Who says you can’t be fashionable doing cardio? Treat yourself to some new leggings or sneakers. Sometimes dressing up on the outside can give us that extra motivation inside to keep pushing through that one extra set and take our weight loss to the next level.

Register For A Race

Races are no longer just a timed distance run. They now come in different themes, seasons, and are for all fitness levels. Check your local area for races such as the Mud Race, a combination of running and boot camp style obstacle courses in nature’s mud. Or sign up for your favorite charity’s annual race. Sign up a month before the race to give yourself time to prep for the big day.

Spend A Little More Time In Bed

Put that increased endurance from all of those miles ran on the treadmill to use under the covers. That’s right, sex can burn around 89 calories for women and helps you to de-stress, feel more confident, and energized.

Losing weight is a lot of hard work but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Stick to your goal by switching things up to keep you engaged. Keep working at it day by day and soon you’ll achieve the results you want.

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